Alan & Karys, Magic Carpet ride.

On 26th January I set off early to pick up my friend Karys for a day at Disney World. We had got one-day park hopper tickets & were going to see as much as we could. In the end, we saw a few attractions & enjoyed some of the rides at 3 of the parks, we had a great day.

Walt Disney World Day Out.


EPCOT was Walt Disney's idea of a future city that would continue to grow. He died before it opened, but his original ideas form the basis for the EPCOT we visited today.

Attractions we saw at EPCOT.

Spaceship Earth.

Spaceship Earth is the iconic and symbolic structure of EPCOT. The 15-minute ride demonstrates how advancements in human communication have helped to create the future. Passengers journey back in time to witness the origins of prehistoric man, then travel forward in time to witness important breakthroughs in communication throughout history, from the invention of the alphabet to the creation of the printing press to today's modern communication advancements. The ride is now narrated by Dame Judy Dench, It was just like having 'M' from the James Bond films taking you through the ride.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

This used to be 'The Living Seas' but has now been themed around Disney's Nemo films. Characters from the films now tell you more about our planets Seas & Oceans.

Living With The Land.

Living with the Land is a combined ride & greenhouse tour located at EPCOT. The focus of the ride is on agriculture, especially new technology to make agriculture more efficient and environmentally friendly. I really enjoyed this & feel if the world took more notice of the lessons learnt here rather than fighting each other, then we could all live in a better world. 

Circle of Life.

In this film, Timon and Pumbaa from The Lion King film, are chopping down trees & clogging up rivers to build the Hakuna Matata Lakeside Village. Simba comes to them and explains how their actions are harmful to nature. This lesson is explained with live-action footage with clips of people such as Native Americans, Native Hawaiians & Masai, clips of New York City & other locations such as the Amazon Rainforest, Serengeti, Andes, Las Vegas, & images of animals such as monkeys, bald eagles, snakes, elephants & wildebeest.

Another film that many who rule the world would do well to watch.

Magic Kingdom.

The Magic Kingdom was the first of the Disney theme parks built in Florida & is based on Walt Disneys characters & Films. We had great fun here & both went on rides we had never been on before.

Attractions & rides we went on at the Magic Kingdom.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

My favourite ride at Disney World was the first ride we went on at the Magic Kingdom. I have to thank Karys for continuing to spend the day with me after this ride, my continual singing of 'Yo Ho Yo Ho, it's a Pirates Life for me' would normally be enough to put anyone off spending a day with me.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

I was surprised Karys wanted to go on this ride but she assured me she would be all right & had been on it before. I think it may have been a bit faster & more violent than she remembered but Karys did it, well done.

Splash Mountain,

This was a ride that Karys said she would not go on but fueled by the adrenaline rush from the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad & my gentle persuasion I managed to get her on it. If you've been on this ride you will know how long the queues can be, the screaming of people on the ride must have been very scary for Karys but she did it, well done, I hope you kept the photo from the top of the 52-foot drop.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn.

After all the excitement of Splash Mountain, we went for lunch here. There was nowhere to sit once we had got our meals but an American couple called us over & gave us their table outside. We were joined by another American lady who had lost her friends & joined us at our table. We would continue to see this nice lady throughout the park.

The burger here wasn't that good but the salad & taco bar that you get included with every meal was very good. Next time I will get the tacos with the salad bar. Disney really should make their food more affordable, they prevent you from taking any food into the parks & charge a fortune for the food in their cafes & restaurants.

The Haunted Mansion.

Another of my favourite rides, this ride is great fun & was another first for Karys.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

This was a ride Karys wanted to go on & there was no queue so we went on. It was the first time I had been on it, it was fun but I'm beginning to wonder if I'd do anything that Karys wanted me to do (Yes I probably would). The photo at the top of this page is of the two of us on this ride.

Animal Kingdom.

Disney's Animal Kingdom is a zoological theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. It is the second-largest theme park in the world, covering 500 acres. The park opened on Earth Day, April 22, 1998, & was the fourth theme park built at Walt Disney World. The park is dedicated & themed entirely around the natural environment & animal conservation, a philosophy once pioneered by Walt Disney.

Attractions & rides we went on at Animal Kingdom.

Kilimanjaro Safaris.

We joined the line to ride the Kilimanjaro Safari & were lucky not to have to wait too long before we got on for our Safari ride.

Expedition Everest.

Karys wanted very much to go on this white knuckle roller coaster in the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom but the long queues meant we would miss other things we wanted to see so we decided to miss it out on this visit.

Primaeval Whirl.

This ride was one that Karys really wanted to go on. I wasn't that bothered about going on it but I queued up for what seemed like an eternity to go on the ride. We got in the car we were to ride in with two other girls & were soon strapped in. The ride was not what I was expecting. It was an old fashioned wooden thrill ride with views to the floor over the side of the car, it gave the appearance & feel of a much bigger ride. The best part without a doubt was the fact that Karys got really scared & grabbed hold of me & held on to me for the entire ride. Karys screamed, I laughed & the other two girls smiled politely the whole ride. I want to go on this one again Karys.

It's tough to be a Bug.

I love this film show with effects built into the chair. The smells, & effects from the chairs are great. Unfortunately because of my eyesight, I cant appreciate the 3D effects of the film, but it is fun sitting with someone who screams & ducks out of the way of bugs or things thrown at the audience by catapults.

Kilimanjaro Night Safari.

When we came off of the ride earlier the girl on the ride exit had told us about the nighttime Safari ride. When we went back it appeared to be closed but we were asked to enter by a different route & again went on the Safari ride. Some of the animals were very well hidden but it was really different doing it at night & I'm glad we took the time to go back after the sun had gone down. You still see lots of animals & some, like the lions, were more lively now the sun had gone.

Return to EPCOT.

After Animal Kingdom closed we made our way back to EPCOT to watch the firework & laser show. We arrived about a half-hour before the show & found a spot by the lake we could sit down while we waited for the show to begin. The firework & laser show here is my favourite in all of the Disney Parks & after watching the show we eventually found our way back to the car, I had forgotten to look where we had parked.

Waffle House.

After a long day out we were both hungry & stopped at a Waffle House on the 27 for something to eat. I enjoyed the meal here & the service we got was really good, all the staff here were friendly & helpful.


It was my first day at a Disney Park for years & I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would, perhaps that may have been because of the company. The rides are always fun, the shows always fun or informative & the fireworks were fantastic.

That said I think Disney Ticket pricing is very high & I will probably not be going back again for a while unless I can get some discounted tickets.