El Carmoli.

When I moved to Los Alcazares I wanted to learn more about the area I was living in. 

El Carmoli Walking tour.

This would be my first tour in the area I had moved to & it was a walking tour around the extinct volcano at El Carmoli.

I was met at El Carmoli by Antonio Zapata a tour guide that I had seen advertising free walking tours on Facebook. A few people had not arrived for the tour & there were just three of us. We began our tour by walking around to the side of the volcano cone where the old airbase had been. Here you can still see buildings that were built in the first world war & extended somewhat during the Spanish civil war. These buildings overlook the airbase that used to be based on the flats below the eastern side of the extinct volcano cone. You can still see the place where goods were brought into the base, where they were unloaded & in the case of munitions & munition fuses were moved & stored in tunnels in the side of the extinct volcano. These tunnels & buildings are now unused by the military but have sadly homed in recent times, homeless people looking for shelter.

Antonio showed us around the buildings & into the tunnels as well as pointing out all of the mountain ranges, agricultural fields & the position of the old airfields where planes provided by the Russians would take off from. Unfortunately, these planes were often old & not airworthy which caused many fatal crashes in the area.

As we walked around the mountain we saw many eagles flying & riding the thermals around the cone of the extinct volcano. I hadn't taken my camera zoom but will go back & spend a few hours there with a flask of tea & a sandwich watching the eagles & try to get some good photos of them. Antonio continued to point out the different mountain ranges to the south with the hermitages on the top & told us off the monastery & roman settlement that used to be there.

On the Western side, Antonio pointed out the islands in the Mar Menor & told us more history of the islands, La Isla Perdiguera, Esperanta & Isla de Baron.

La Isla Perdiguera & Esperanta.

The Perdiguera island is an extinct volcanic cone forming an island located in the centre of the Mar Menor. Due to previous tourism on the island, many of the natural fauna & animal life has been lost. Previously it had six piers & three restaurants & scattered around are some disused derelict buildings.

Esperanta island is another volcanic cone that is connected to the Perdiguera island by an underwater peninsula.

Isla del Baron.

The Mayor Island, also called Isla del Baron, is located almost in the centre of the Mar Menor. It is an extinct volcanic cone that gives the island its characteristic conical shape & round perimeter. The island is privately owned. The name Baron Island comes from the Baron of Benifayó, who built a palace on the island, known as the Baron's house.