La Lupi.

When I got my health insurance & travel insurance sorted out after moving to Spain I decided I would go away for a short break. After scouring the internet for somewhere to go for a couple of days I found a 3-day 2-night break to see the 'White Night of Flamenco' which is in Cordoba & consists of ten Flamenco shows on temporary stages around the city.

Flamenco in Cordoba.

I was picked up by the coach in Los Alcazares & the coach was already nearly full. After two more stops to pick people up we travelled on to Cordoba, stopping a couple of times for a drink & some lunch. Our tour rep, Julie, told us a lot of facts about the places we passed through on our way, as well as giving us information on Cordoba itself. Julie made the long trip shorter with her information & I found what she told us very interesting.

The hotel in Cordoba was very clean & the staff all very friendly & helpful but my room was the smallest room I have ever stayed in anywhere in the world. My view was of the emergency fire escape and of other rooms also backing onto it. It was not somewhere I would have stayed if I was staying for long but it was a room that was quiet & I didn't intend hanging around the hotel anyway. As I had a segway tour booked for the following day I decided to walk around the town to get my bearings & find the place my tour would go from.

Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to anywhere I have travelled. It has old cobbled streets and narrow winding alleys. It is however very easy to get lost in, so make sure to get a map before you go wandering if you visit yourself. Luckily Julie had given me a map with our hotel & many of the places the Flamenco would be on, marked off on it.

I soon found where I would be taking my segway tour from & after making a mental note of how to get there in the morning I set off to find a bar to get a cool beer. I soon found a bar but was disappointed to find the beer costs 3 euros a bottle. I had one beer & then made my way back to the hotel for sleep as the Flamenco didn't start until 10:30 at night with the last show starting at 05:30 the following morning.

When I woke and went out around 10 pm I made my way through the old town, around the Great Mosque of Cordoba & across the Roman bridge to the stage where I had decided to watch a show. I got there early so I could get a good seat & sat waiting for the show to start at midnight.

La Lupi.

This was the first time I had seen a full-length piece of Flamenco & not a ten minute piece for tourists. It was by a Flamenco dancer called Susana Lupiañez known in Spain as La Lupi. The show was fantastic, La Lupi danced, male vocalists sang, others played instruments, clapped or even dance a little with her. Although it was in Spanish & my Spanish is in no way good enough to understand the words, the dancing was very expressive & the two male singers were excellent. The show lasted an hour & a half & I enjoyed every minute of it, staying to the end & standing to applaud the show along with everyone else when it finished. 

Joze Antonio Rodriguez.

After watching La Lupi I had decided to retire to my hotel, my legs were aching & I had to get up in the morning to go for my segway tour. On the way past the Great Mosque of Cordoba, I could hear the guitar playing & singing of Joze Antonio Rodrigues inside. As I was still hungry I stopped at a subway sandwich shop outside the walls of the mosque, had a sandwich & listened to the sounds coming over the walls. After I had eaten my sandwich I went inside to listen to the last few songs. It was beautiful & I just wished I had seen & heard the whole show. I will keep an eye out for Jose Antonio Rodriques to see if he ever plays nearer to where I live in Los Alcazares.

Segway Tour.

I was up early for breakfast & the buffet was very good. I left around 9:30 to walk to where my segway tour would start & around 9:50 I met the beautiful girl who would be taking me on my segway tour around Cordoba. I was very lucky, I was the only one on the tour & would have the tour guide to myself. She spoke very good English & asked me if there was anything, in particular, I wanted to see. I told her it was my first time in Cordoba & asked her to show me as much of Cordoba, as time would allow. In the two hours I spent with her we travelled all over Cordoba & she showed me many interesting places that I hope to get back & see in more detail in the future.