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Benjamin Brynley Morris, Grand Uncle of Alan Morris.

Benjamin Brynley Morris.

Benjamin Brynley Morris was my Grand Uncle on the paternal side of my family tree.

Benjamin was born on 23 October 1914 in Glamorgan, Wales to Benjamin Morris & Margaret Jane Wylde. He passed away in 1984 in Braintree, Essex, England.

Benjamin married Megan Viola Furley in 1938, the marriage was registered in Epping, Essex, England. Benjamin & Megan had three children.

  1. Pamela Morris.
  2. Jacqueline Morris.
  3. Trevor Morris.

My memories of Benjamin Brynley Morris.

I don't remember meeting Ben many times, but one time does stick out in my mind. My dad & I were visiting Ben & his wife, Megan, in their home in Braintree. It was a hot summer day & everyone was out in the back garden. Somehow I caught a mouse that was running around the garden from the fields behind. The horrible little mouse bit me & Ben took me back inside the house to get the bite seen to. I was only young & very tiny & my memory of Ben is of this big tall giant of a man looking after me after my terrific fight with the field mouse.