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Joseph Daniels, Grand Uncle of Alan Morris.

Joseph Daniels.

Joseph Daniels was my Grand Uncle on the paternal side of my family tree.

Joseph was born on 5 October 1920 in Glamorgan, Wales to Samuel Daniels & Hannah Burrows. He passed away in 2004 in Glamorgan, Wales.

Joe married Molly Irene Mays in Glamorgan, Wales in 1943. Joe & Molly had two Children.

  1. Gordon C Daniels.
  2. Susan E Daniels.

My memories of Joe Daniels.

I remember meeting Joe at a family wedding in Portland in Dorset, England. In his suit & trilby hat, it was like being with the leader of the Welsh Mafia. I remember going to see Joe & his wife Molly at their home in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, Wales with my father Brian Morris. The house was on the main road, on a very sharp bend, going through Merthyr & at the back of it, there was a sharp drop to the River Taff below. Molly stayed at home & Joe, my dad & I walked to a bar a short walk up the road for a pint before my dad & I continued on our tour around Southern Wales.