Alan Morris in his Balcony Garden in Los Alcazares.

The Balcony Garden is what it says, it is the little garden I have on the balcony of my apartment in Los Alcazares.

Balcony Garden.

I like to read a lot & when I do I like to sit on my balcony looking out over the Mar Menor. I used to enjoy a spot of gardening but due to me creaking & groaning more than a broken old shipwreck these days, & the limited space on my balcony, my heavy gardening days are now in the past.

My balcony faces Southwest at 220° & is in the sun all day, it gets very hot & because of this & the very dry weather conditions, I prefer to grow succulents & cacti on my balcony. Most of my plants are in floor-standing pots, but I have a couple of plant holders hanging on the balcony. I intend to swap out the plants in these hanging baskets soon; the plants currently in them do not display that well & I will transfer them to other pots.

I have now transferred some of the plants to new pots, thrown away a couple of plants that I didn't like & put some colourful plants in one of my hanging baskets. I have a solar-powered water fountain that makes it feel & sound really tranquil, especially at night when the lights come on & light up the water flowing through the fountain.


These videos show the fountain on my garden balcony running, the first during the day, the second after dusk when the lights come on automatically.