Sanctuary of the Virgin of Hope.

I saw the Sanctuary of the Virgen of Hope on the Internet & thought it looked like a great place to add to my bucket list.

Visit the Sanctuary of the Virgen of Hope.

I have now been able to cross visiting the Sanctuary of Hope off of my bucket list. I saw a locally advertised day trip to go & see it. I was picked up in Los Alcazares where the coach took us first to Murcia City for a couple of hours to look around, before continuing on to see the Sanctuary & have lunch before heading home again.

I enjoyed the short time I spent looking around Murcia but it wasnt why I had purchaed the coach tour. When we arrived at the Sanctuary I was delighted to see what a beautiful setting it is in next to the Segura River. When we arrived it was very quiet & all that could be heard on the short walk to the Sanctuary from the car park, was the noise of birds singing & the roar of the Segura River below us.

Unfortunately we didnt have a long time here, I first went into the small museum to look at the items on display there, before making my way into the Cahpel itself. It was a beautiful Chapel & the first thing I did was light two candles in memory of my mum & dad. I looked around the Chapel & along with a couple of other people spent some time looking for the Virgen of Hope. We couldn't find the statue & when we asked a guide where it was we were told that the statue of the Virgen was out touring Spain.

When I finished looking around the Chapel I walked to the restaurant at the complex & ate the dinner that was included in the price of the tour. After dinner I spent a short time sitting under the pine trees listening to the roar of the river, it was beautiful. I wish I had had more time to explore down by the river.

The Chapel is located around 6 km from the village of Calasparra. The hermitage was originally built in a cave on the side of the Segura river in Murcia, Southern Spain. The story we were told is that when the Virgen was discovered it was to be moved to a Chapel in Calasparra but every time an attempt was made to lift & move the Virgen it became so heavy it could not be moved. For this reason, the Chapel was built around the Virgen, in the cave, it was found.

Photos from my trip to the Sanctuary of Hope & the City of Murcia.