Pat Morita as Mr Miyagi

I was sitting at home this week, as it was raining I couldn't go out & I started channel surfing & ended up watching ´The Next Karate Kid´ movie.

How I met Pat Morita.

It was while I was watching the movie that I remembered meeting Pat Morita in Los Angeles, California.

It was sometime in 1988 that I was in California, staying with friends in Anaheim, Los Angeles. Ron, who was a friend of my parents asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink at the British Legion bar he was a member of, I think it was in Long Beach.

We were inside playing pool when Ron started talking to a man watching us. He introduced me to his friend Pat & whilst Ron got us another beer Pat & I played pool together. I had already beaten Ron at the pool table before I beat Pat as well & we then started to play darts. It was a dart game I had never played before at that time, it was called cricket & they had to explain the rules to me. We had a few great games, I seem to remember that I lost all of the games of darts but enjoyed Pat's company & a few beers.

We didn't stay long before we had to leave to go home for dinner. On the drive home Ron asked me if I recognised Pat, I told him that he looked familiar but I couldn't remember where I knew him from. Ron then told me that I had been playing pool & darts with Mr Miyagi from the Karate Kid film. He was nothing like the quiet character from the film, he loved a beer or two & he may or not have been a good pool player but he kicked my arse on the dartboard.