Stages of a diet.

I have now been doing the 16/8 intermittent fasting diet for two weeks.

Fasting diet update.

The intermittent diet involves me missing breakfast & then restricting my eating to an eight hour period. For Instance, I will only eat between 1 pm & 9 pm, I have now been doing this for two weeks & although I have found missing breakfast difficult at times I have stuck with it. Going forward I may switch to eating breakfast & lunch & missing an evening meal for a week just for a bit of variety.

During week two I am expecting the weight drop to be less even though I have increased the exercise I do each morning, I have swum a kilometre every morning & increased the amount of water aerobics I do as well. I think your body must adjust to the different way you eat & as you lose weight, you shouldn't have quite as much stored up in fat reserves to lose. I have continued to miss breakfast & to try & eat healthy at lunchtime & again in the evening.

The big weigh-in.

Well, that's all my excuses for not losing weight this week, now it's time to get back on the scales & to see if I have managed to lose any more weight. In week one I lost an amazing five pounds, this week I have managed to lose another two pounds.

After last weeks big drop, this week two pounds does seem rather small, I prefer to look at it as seven pounds in a fortnight. I will weigh myself again in another two weeks & hope to be able to continue the downward trend.