Varied Euro notes.

I started using Eurobilltraker in 2004 & entered my first note when I was visiting Amsterdam.

Eurobill tracker.

I had been entering money on the Wheres George website for a few years in America but now I was back in Europe it seemed it would be a good idea to join the European site. I had travelled a little in Europe but was moving to Spain so most of my bills would be entered here. After leaving Spain & returning to England I stopped using the site but now I have moved back to Spain and will start using the website again.

What is Eurobilltracker?

EuroBillTracker (EBT) is an international non-profit volunteer team dedicated to tracking Euro notes around the world. Each user enters the serial numbers & location information for each note they obtain into EuroBillTracker. From this information, the site extracts:

  • Diffusion information: Each Euro country has its own range of note serial numbers & from this information we can generate diffusion graphs that tell us how the notes travel to other countries. 
  • Tracking information: When a note is re-entered, the users who previously entered it are notified via email. These hits can be seen in the statistics section.
  • Statistics and rankings: Who enters the most notes, which are the best countries? Where are the notes currently situated?


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