Goodbye 2020 logo.

It is very hard to write daily posts that are not repetitive when you are unable to get out much due to your levels of fitness, the weather, or the dreaded COVID causing you to be isolated to differing degrees. At times during last year, I wished I had kept a better diary to help me look back at what was a very frustrating year, a very sad year & a very lonely year. 

Farewell 2020.

Along the way, there were many good times as well as bad times. By keeping a better diary it may have helped me deal better with the sad, grey days that seemed to meld into weeks, into months into a whole year. Because of that this coming year I will be attempting to make weekly posts of things that I have done, or of things that affected my life, in the hope that this will help me look back at the sad, grey times to understand them better & look back fondly at the happy times that I have.

I will try to be as honest as possible whilst writing & include how I felt, my general health, visits to the Dr for both regular visits & hopefully very few unplanned trips to see any medical services. I have been trying & slowly succeeding in losing weight since I came to Spain, with ups & downs in my weight I am actually roughly two stone (28 pounds or over 12 kilos) lighter than I was when I arrived in Spain in November 2005. As the weather warms up & I can get out on my kayak, swim & walk more I hope to lose more weight & as the world regains more of its freedom from COVID I want to visit more places locally & hopefully further afield & see more of the places that I intended to see in 2020.

If you are reading this, congratulations you survived 2020, many didn't, so count your blessings & let them wash away the memories of the hard times.