Jack Rackham, Black Sails character.

In the tv series, Black Sails Jack Rackham was a pirate played by actor Toby Schmitz. Jack Rackham, a real English pirate was also known as Calico Jack.

The Pirate Jack Rackham.

John Rackham was born on 26 December 1682 & died on 18 November 1720. He was also known as Calico Jack because of the calico clothing that he wore, while Jack is a nickname for John. He was an English pirate captain operating in the Bahamas & Cuba during the early 18th century.

Rackham was active towards the end of the Golden Age of Piracy which lasted from 1650 to 1730. He is most remembered for having two female crew members, Mary Read & his lover, Anne Bonny.

Rackham deposed Charles Vane from his position as captain of the sloop Ranger, then cruised the Leeward Islands, Jamaica Channel & Windward Passage. He accepted a pardon in 1719 and moved to New Providence, where he met Anne Bonny, who was married to James Bonny at the time. He returned to piracy in 1720 by stealing a British sloop & Anne Bonny joined him. Their new crew included Mary Read, who was disguised as a man at the time. After a short run, Rackham was captured by Royal Navy pirate hunter Jonathan Barnet in 1720, put on trial by Sir Nicholas Lawes, Governor of Jamaica & hanged in November of that year in Port Royal, Jamaica.