Dancing ladies.

105th Birthday Party.

The party was great & enjoyed by everyone there. Jo & Marion enjoyed themselves dancing & singing both inside & outside La Playa bar, as did Shellie even though she was kept very busy running the bar, keeping an eye on the entertainment & providing a great buffet for everyone. The day should also have been Caldero day on the beach which due to the flooding this year, was cancelled. The party, therefore, became a welcome event for local people to meet, listen to live music, dance & have a great time.

Live music was on throughout the day. During the evening there was karaoke & lots of singing, some better than others, I did notice that I was not allowed to sing until closing time, a very wise decision.

Location of La Playa Bar, Los Alcazares.:

Photos of the party at La Playa bar.

These are photos I took at the 105th birthday party at La Playa bar in Los Alcazares.

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