Caldero day on the beach in Los Alcazares.

Caldero day is on the same day every year, the 12th of October & in Los Alcazares people celebrate along the beach.


Living right next to the beach I get to see a lot of the festivities but also how hard the people work going to set things up before most people ever get there. The weather on the day of the Caldero was really good and people got off to a very early start setting up.

Location of where I enjoy the Caldero.

Location of Plaza Espejo in Los Alcazares:

Photos of Los Alcazares Caldero day 2018.

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The day was again a great success & I think the addition of a Spanish group playing on the stage outside my apartment was fantastic. I hope that the Los Alcazares town hall arrange more events to be based on this underutilised stage. It has plenty of room around it for people to sit, dance, eat & enjoy whatever event is put on there.

The only thing that I find difficult to understand is why the kids who set up their pitch with tarpaulins & old settees on the beach every year, are allowed by the police, to blatantly smoke weed on the beach. These kids have all got to be under 18 & when I went past at around 8:30 in the morning the smell of weed could be smelt about 200 yards away. later in the evening, these same kids were the only people I saw all day causing any trouble when a few of them were involved in running fights in the streets & on the beach. Once again the police who were a very short distance away did nothing.

I do feel that the workman who clears up every year deserve a big thank you for all their work. When I left the beach area at night, there was rubbish strewn everywhere, when I got up & went for breakfast at my favourite Chiringuito, the rubbish had been cleared & the beach returned to a beautiful condition.

A big well done to everyone who enjoyed themselves on this day & made it a great memorable day.