Floods in Los Alcazares.

In  2018 & 2019 Los Alcazares had two or three heavy storms, including a Grota Fria event

Los Alcazares Floods.

The flooding in Los Alcazares caused mass damage, & loss of life & many people found themselves homeless.

El Lobo beach bar 2018.

After the storms & Gota Fría in 2018 in Los Alcazares, my local Chiringuito had to close whilst they cleaned up the floodwaters & the bar area. They were able to open after a lot of hard work from all the staff but because the immediate area around the bar was covered in mud & water, which still drained down onto the square whilst other areas were being pumped out, a lot of its customers were not able to get there or didn't realize it had opened up again.

I can confirm that it did open as it is right outside my apartment & that they were serving both food & drinks. This was great for me as I didn't have water myself for many days & getting out was difficult on my mobility scooter because of the mud & floodwaters. I was able to struggle down with my kindle & although swimming was still out of the question I have been able to enjoy my Coffee & Tostado every morning thanks to the work of the staff there.

Today the clean-up of the square the bar is in began & the diggers moved in to start to remove the mud. Bins that were still on the beach or in the sea were moved onto the beach for collection & mud was piled up ready for removal. I guess within the next few days the square will be completely cleared of mud & washed down. I hope that people will soon start to visit my favourite Chiringuito for something to eat & a drink, as I always like to meet & talk to new people whilst having breakfast at my local with a view.

Photos of the flooding in Los Alcazares.

Photos of the clear-up that happened outside my apartment in Los Alcazares.