Recycling bins.

Household waste in Los Alcazares can be put in the many different recycling bins located throughout the town.

Los Alcazares recycling bins.

Most of the bins are self-explanatory but a few are not as straightforward & differ from what you may think you can or can't put in them. Although bin shapes may change throughout Spain the colour coding will remain the same. Some bins also have graphics identifying what recyclable items they can take.

Yellow recycling bins.

This is the recycling bin that I got confused with as I thought it was for plastic bottles only but you can deposit all of the below in the yellow bins.

  •  Plastic containers.
  •  Metal containers, tins or cans, aluminium. Make sure you rinse these prior to recycling.
  •  Plastic bags, if you don't reuse your plastic bags
  •  Bricks or Tetra Pak. Commonly used for packaging liquids like milk, juice, tomato sauce, and more.

Blue lidded recycling bins.

The blue-lidded recycling bin is for cardboard & paper. You can place the following in the blue-lidded recycling bins:

  •  newspapers, magazines, brochures, comics.
  •  cardboard.
  •  paper or cardboard packaging.
  •  envelopes.
  •  advertising.
  •  paper or card cartons.
  •  cardboard boxes (cereals, cookies, shoes, precooked meals).

What not to deposit in blue recycling bins.

  •  Dirty papers (toilet paper, kitchen roll, napkins), tracing paper or plastic paper.

Small blue metal recycling bins.

These are used for recycling kitchen waste like vegetable or fruit skins, uneaten food, eggshells.

  • vegetable or fruit skins, uneaten food, eggshells.

Do not place the following in the small blue metal bins

  •  Waste in a plastic bag or another container. Tip out of the bag or container into bin & then use another bin for the container.

This waste falls into a sump in the ground that is collected later.

Grey clothes/toys / footwear bins.

These bins should be used for clothing, footwear or soft toys. Clean these items before putting them in the bin as they could contaminate other items.

Grey recycling bins.

The grey lid dumpster bins are for recycling garden waste.

Green domed bin.

The green-domed recycling bin is for glass bottles, jars & containers. These include:

  •  wine bottles.
  •  spirits or liquors.
  •  perfume bottles.
  •  glass jars for preserves like jam or pickled products, potatoes or veg.
  •  Do not include the metal lids to glass jars & bottles. These need to be removed & put in the plastic & tin recycling bin (yellow).


Green lidded bin.

All other household waste,