Prawn & Artichoke on toast tapas.

Los Alcazares has, for many years held a 'Ruta de la Tapa' where lots of the local restaurants produce special tapas for people to try.

Ruta de la tapas 2018. 

These special tapas are served with a small beer or a glass of wine & many locals & visitors try as many of the beautiful food dishes as they can during the eighteen days it is held for. Last year I missed the event as I was in America but this year I have been out with several different groups of people trying the food & have really enjoyed the great food & everyone's company on the 7th 'Annual Ruta De La Tapas'.


The restaurants I visited this year during the Tapas route include.

La Encarnacion.

Tapas at La Encarnacion

La Tropical

la tropical
Calle Sta. Teresa, 66, 30710 Los Alcázares, Murcia

Los Barriles

los barrilesCalle de la Concepción, 1, Los Alcázares

Juan Navarro

Tapas at Juan Navarro
Paseo Real de la Feria 11, Los Alcázares


Tapas at Ramon
Avenida de la Libertad, 48, 1, 30710 Los Alcázares

El Chato

 Tapas at El Chato
Avenida de la Libertad, 72, 30710 Los Alcázares


 Tapas at Marea
Calle Bergantín, 6, 30710 Los Alcázares

La Serana Golf

Tapas at La Serena GolfAv. Príncipe Felipe, 30, 30710 Los Alcázares

El Puerto 3

venta el puerto 3N-332 km 12, 30710 Los Alcázares

El Chispazo

Barel Chispazo
Calle Homero, 1, 30710 Los Alcázares


cafeteria isidro
10 Calle Sánchez Albornoz, 6, 30710 Los Alcázares


Tapas at Camaleon
Avenue de la Constitución, 83, 30710 Los Alcázares

La Casa de Papel

Tapas at La Casa de Papel
Avenida de la Libertad, 151, 30710 Los Alcázares

La Peora

Tapas at La Peora
Calle Cartagena, 15, 30710 Los Alcázares