Towed car label on pavement in Los Alcazares.

I am amazed by the lack of respect that some drivers use when parking their cars. This isn't a problem just in Los Alcázares but throughout the world. 

My ditty to ignorant parking.

In my time living in Los Alcázares, I have got more & more wound up, by the way, people park, in front of garages, on roundabouts, across drop curbs, on pavements, across parking spaces in car parks, or just abandon their car in the middle of the road whilst they run into a shop because they can't be bothered to walk more than a few steps.

Yesterday when I went out, a fruit seller was parked across my garage entrance, preventing people from accessing the parking spaces for the entire apartment block. When he finally moved he was replaced by a bread seller parking in the same place whilst people were blocking the road behind him because they could not get into their garage spaces because of the inconsiderate parking.

When I went out this morning there was again, a car parked across the yellow wavy lines across from my garage entranceway, the big signs painted above the garage warning that cars would be towed if blocking the entrance were once again ignored. Can you imagine my delight when I came home & saw that the car had been towed & the label above was on the pavement? It tells the owner the phone number they would have to call to pay the hefty fine & to get their car back. To celebrate I wrote this little ditty, you can sing along to the tune of teddy bears picnic.


If you down to the beach today, you could get a big surprise,

If go you down to the beach today, be prepared for a big surprise.

For every tow truck that ever there was, will gather there today,

Todays the day the tow trucks tow the cars.

Its towing time for tow companies,

Towing men are having an awesome day,

Parked illegally, you may be caught unaware,

When the towing men, tow your car away.

See them happily jack your car,

They love to tow your car,

They never have any cares,

At tow O'clock the towers tow the cars away,

If you go down to the beach today & park illegally,

Say goodbye to your car today, when you park illegally.

When you park illegally.

If you are fed up with the terrible parking in Los Alcázares, please report these illegally parked cars. Tow men have to make a living too. Feel free to sing my song & share it with your friends.