Canine roundworm.

I walk a lot & get fed up with the amount of dog mess I constantly see on the pavement, roads, parks & beaches in Los Alcazares. 

Dog mess.

Whilst I realise that all of the people I know clean up after their pets it is quite obvious that there is a dangerous gang of non-pooper scoopers marauding around the town I live in & the places I visit.

Outside my apartment a few weeks ago there was a large gathering of dog owners staging a dog show. There was no dog mess around the area after so either all of the dogs were very well trained or the owners of the dogs were all responsible dog owners.

Why then the following week is the area being used by local dog owners as a pooper scooper free area which now has mess all over it again. The area is constantly used by kids playing who could be in danger of becoming ill if they become infected by the un scooped poop.

Dangers of un scooped poop.

As well as being filthy & an eyesore, dog mess is also unhygienic & a health hazard. The danger caused by dog mess is greatly increased because dogs are most likely to be walked & therefore to also foul, in areas where people walk. I have seen lots of dogs off of their leads in children's play areas & on the beach where children, as well as adults, run around with no shoes on. Dog mess can lead to Parvo, which is a potentially fatal disease that is transferred between dogs, but the key health issue with dog faeces is that it can lead to toxocariasis in humans.


The reason why are there laws about allowing your dog to foul in public places but there aren’t any similar laws about other animals is quite simply because of toxocariasis.

Toxocariasis can cause serious illness & can even lead to blindness. It is caused by a parasite, known as Toxocara Canis, also commonly referred to as Roundworm. The Toxocara Canis parasite lives in dogs’ digestive systems & dogs act as hosts for the parasite.

The parasites lay eggs, which are released via the infected dog’s faeces. The eggs can remain active in the soil for many years, long after the dog mess has been washed away by the rain. If the eggs are then ingested by someone, for example, a small child, they may hatch into larvae & cause toxocariasis.

Because of this, a child doesn’t have to pick up dog faeces in order to become infected, they could just be playing with soil that had dog faeces on it years ago & still contains active eggs.