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  • Mickey Spillane.

    Mickey Spillane.

    Mickey Spillane was an American crime novelist, whose stories often featured his detective character, Mike Hammer.

  • Pat Morita

    Pat Morita as Mr Miyagi

    I was sat at home this week, as it was raining I couldn't go out & I started channel surfing & ended up watching The Next Karate Kid. It was while I was watching this that I remembered meeting Pat in Los Angeles, California.

  • Charlie George, Arsenal football legend.

    Alan Morris & Charlie George.

    How I met Charlie George.

    My good friend Derek Almond took me to the Emirates Stadium to do a celebrity guided tour shortly after I had come out of hospital in 2014. I knew that we were going to be shown around the stadium by the legendary Arsenal player Charlie George, but didn't realize that I would literally spend some time with just him & Derek on the side of the Arsenal pitch at the Emirates Stadium.

  • Rita Marley, wife of Bob Marley.

    Rita & Bob Marley.

    How I met Rita Marley.

    Whilst on a trip to Kingston in Jamaica I went on a trip around Bob Marleys' house. It is now a museum to Bob Marley but his family still lives there. After we had been shown around upstairs we were walking down a set of stairs towards the front door. Opposite the door to a recording studio on the right was an open door & we could see the Marley family in a large living room.

  • Wrestler Hulk Hogan.

    Hulk Hogan in a wrestling ring.

    How I met Hulk Hogan.

    Back in the early nineteen nineties I was staying at my home in Orlando & decided to go to Clearwater beach for a weekend, just for something to do & maybe to do a little fishing offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. I was in no hurry as I had no plans other than to check in to a hotel on the beach & have a relaxing day.

  • Les Wallace, World Dart Champion.

    Les Wallace throwing a dart.

    How I met Les Wallace.

    In 1997 Les Wallace became the first left-handed dart player to win the World Dart Championship, winning the final against Welshman Marshall James after knocking out Bob Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Paul Williams & Mervyn King on his way to the Final. After he won the title he made an appearance at the Fareham Working Men's Club in Hampshire, where I was a member.

  • David O'Leary, Arsenal football legend.

    David O'Leary playing football.

    How I met David O'Leary.

    I have always been an Arsenal fan & when I was a kid, we did sometimes have to go to the North bank at Highbury. I remember one game in the North bank telling my dad I couldn't see. The man in front of me turned to my dad & asked him if I wanted to go to the front, my dad said yes & I was passed over the heads of the crowd down to the front to watch the game.

  • Renate Blauel.

    Elton John & Renate Blauel.

    How I met Renate Blauel.

    In the mid-1980's I was staying in Los Angeles, California with my mum & dad, at the home of some friends in Anaheim. One day I decided that I wanted to go to Universal Studios for the day & as my parents didn't want to go I got a lift from their friend Ron, who worked at Warner Brothers, Burbank studios. I went into Burbank studios with him to see where he worked & then went on to Universal Studios for the day.

  • Supermodel Rachel Hunter.

    Rachel Hunter & Rod Stewart.

    How I met Rachel Hunter.

    When I lived in Orlando I used to see many singers, groups, or bands who appeared in the many theaters, either in downtown Orlando or at one of the Theme parks. One week I saw that Rod Stewart was playing at the Orlando arena so I bought a ticket & went along to see him.

  • Howard Marks, Mr Nice.

    Howard Marks holding his book Mr Nice.

    How I met Howard Marks.

    I have a large number of Cousins, Uncles & Aunties living in South Wales & I used to go to Porthcawl in Glamorgan, to see them on May bank holidays. I would always stay in a bed & breakfast & pop round to see lots of family members.

  • Eastenders star Tom Watt.

    Tom Watt, Lofty in Eastenders.

    How I met Tom Watt.

    I have always been an Arsenal fan & I used to go to a lot of Arsenal games. Most of the games I saw where at Highbury Stadium, Arsenals home ground, but I also went to the occasional away game at different grounds in London. If Arsenal were playing in Southampton & I could get a ticket, I would go to see them play in Southampton as it was near where I used to live in Fareham.

  • Roger Taylor & Duran Duran.

    Duran Duran

    How I met Roger Taylor.

    When I used to live in Orlando in Florida, I was invited one evening to go & watch Duran Duran live at The House of Blues, in Walt Disney World. There was a group of about eight of us going & it was my first time seeing Duran Duran, although I had been to the House of Blues several times.

  • Tom Jones a Welsh Legend.

    Tom Jones.

    How I met Tom Jones.

    Many years ago I was staying with friends in Los Angeles in California for a holiday. Whilst staying in their Anaheim home I picked up a paper & found a special offer for a two night stay in Las Vegas at the Luxor hotel & for a ticket to see Tom Jones in concert. I decided that I would drive to Las Vegas, spend a couple of days looking around & watch Tom Jones show.

  • How I met Shaquille O'Neal.

    Shaquille O'Neal

    How I met Shaquille O'Neal.

    I met Shaquille O'Neal when I was living in Orlando Florida, he had literally just signed for the Orlando Magic basketball team.