Los Alcazares tagged articles.

These articles all have some link to Los Alcazares in Murcia, Spain.

  • The Towed Car Song

    Towed car label on pavement in Los Alcazares.

    I live at the beach in Los Alcazares & I am constantly amazed by the stupidity & lack of respect that some drivers use when parking their car. This isn't a problem just along the beach area in Los Alcazares, it is through out the town. 

  • Fish in the Mar Menor.

    Video camera.

    Fish in the Mar Menor. This video shows small fish swimming in the Mar Menor in Los Alcazares. After I have my swim in the mornings I can sit among them & feed them bread by hand, they love it almost as musch as I do.

  • 105th Birthday Party.

    Dancing ladies.

    105th Birthday Party.

    It is not often that you get invited to a 105th birthday party, so when I got invited to my friends Jo, Shellie & Marion's birthday party at La Playa bar in Los Alcazares of course I went.

  • Recycling in Los Alcazares.

    Recycling bins.

    Los Alcazares recycling bins.

    After talking to a few people about recycling the household waste in Los Alcazares I thought I would find out what you can put in the many different coloured recycling bins located throughout Los Alcazares.

  • 2020 Los Alcazares dog show.

    Dog in a dog show.

    Dog show 2020.

    For the last four years, I have been living next to the beach in Los Alcazares & this is the fourth year there has been a dog show outside my apartment.

  • Mardi Gras Carnival, Los Alcázares 2020

    Mardi Gras parade.

    Mardi Gras Parade.

    I wasn't sure I would go to see tonight's parade in Los Alcazares but as I sat at home there was a power cut & I had no television, no radio, no lighting & no cold beer.

  • Floods in Los Alcazares

    Floods in Los Alcazares.

    Floods in Los Alcazares.

    In  2018 & 2019 Los Alcazares had two or three heavy storms. This included the Grota Fria event, which caused mass damage, loss of life & many people to find themselves homeless.

  • Los Alcazares floods

    Video camera.

    Los Alcazares Floods. This video shows one of the many streets that I was unable to cross on my way home after the severe flooding in September 2019. The water flowed from the mountains around Los Alcazares through our small town & into the Mar Menor.

  • Los Alcázares Caldero Day 2018.

    Caldero day on the beach in Los Alcazares.

    Caldero day 2018.

    Caldero day is on the same day every year, the 12th of October. Living right next to the beach I get to see a lot of the festivities but also how hard the people work going to set things up before most people ever get there. The weather on the day of the Caldero was really good and people got off to a very early start setting up.  

  • Horse & Carriage Parade 2018

    Horses pulling a carriage.

    Horse & Carriage Parade 2018.

    Every year during the summer, the Murcian farmers parade from Murcia to Los Alcazares in their horse-drawn carriages, Luckily for me, they go along the beachfront right outside my apartment. 

  • Berber Parade 2018.

    Trombone player.

    Berber raids parade.

    Every year in Los Alcazares one weekend is taken up with street markets, shows & a parade all commemorating the Berber raids in the areas history. These images are all from the parade held in Los Alcazares in 2018, by the different groups involved in this annual celebration.

  • Dog Mess & Toxocariasis

    Canine roundworm.

    Dog mess.

    I do a lot of walking & I am getting fed up with the amount of dog mess I constantly see on the pavement, roads, parks & beaches around the town. Whilst I realize that all of the people I know clean up after there pets it is quite obvious that there is a dangerous gang of non-pooper scoopers marauding around the town I live in & the places I visit.

  • Tapas Route 2018.

    Prawn & Artichoke on toast tapas.

    Ruta de la tapas 2018. 

    Los Alcazares has, for the last many years held a 'Ruta de la Tapa' where lots of the local restaurants produce special tapas for people to try.

  • Los Alcazares Dog Show 2018.

    Dog in the dog show.

    LA Dog Show.

    When I got up this morning I heard people outside on the raised area used for shows outside my apartment. I got a cup of tea & walked downstairs to the beach to see what was going on & realized the people were setting up for a dog show today.

  • Los Alcazares Caldero Day 2017

    Caldero on beach.

    Caldero day 2017.

    On October 12th every year Los Alcazares celebrates Caldero day on the beach. This year people began to arrive at about 06:00 to start setting up their plot on the beach, I began to take photos around 07:30.

  • El Carmoli Tour.

    El Carmoli.

    El Carmoli.

    This is my second stay in Los Alcazares & I decided when I moved here to learn more about the area I was living in & also to see more of Spain in general. This would be my first tour in the area & would be a walking tour around the extinct volcano at El Carmoli.

  • Mardi Gras Parade 2017 in Los Alcazares

    Mardi Gras parade.

    Mardi Gras Parade 2017.

    I had seen the adverts for the Mardi Gras celebration in Los Alcazares & decided to walk up to the main road a few minutes away to watch it go by. It had been advertised at starting at 17:00 & after a pint in a pub & waiting in the street for around two hours it finally arrived.

  • Jellyfish in the Mar Menor.


    Mar Menor Jellyfish.

    I went for my morning swim in the Mar Menor this morning & for the second day running, I saw one of these beauties. Contrary to popular belief they are harmless.

  • Horse & Carriage Parade 2016

    Carriage being pulled by horses.

    Horse-drawn carriage parade 2016.

    I go for a swim in the Mar Menor most mornings before sitting at the Chiringuito El Lobo outside my apartment in Los Alcazares. I have a coffee & toast with tomato whilst sitting drying off in the sun whilst I read books on my kindle.