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I have been on my diet for some time now, most of the time being good & not deviating from it.

Diet update.

I have managed to lose weight & when I look in a mirror these days I can see where I have lost it. My stomach is slowly shrinking & I hope to soon have lost enough weight, to have the hernia operation that I am doing the diet for.

I find the hardest part during the current times, is the boredom of the restrictions we are all under. Being stuck inside most of the time with no company, other than my own, is not an ideal way to lose weight. The colder weather stops me swimming in the sea & the local indoor heated swimming pools have not been open for years it seems, the floods & then the restrictions caused by COVID having closed them down. The boredom for no reason I can think of, makes me want to snack more.

I will start more home cooking in the new year following more recipes that are based on the Keto diet. I know from a DNA health report I had done as part of my family tree research that this type of diet is better for me than a lot of others. I will also keep attempting to carry out the fasting diet as I am more used to it now, only eating between specific times, I don't find this so much of a problem anymore. I have ordered some almond flour & sugar substitute so that I may attempt to do some baking of my own again. I am looking forward to making more healthy options of apple crumbles, pizzas, cookies & maybe a flan or pie. If any of my newfound recipes are any good I will post them here for others to see.

I have decided to only have a beer when Arsenal win a football match next year so this should help cut the carbs as they are on a very long run of not winning at the moment. I like to think that Arsenals poor run of form is the team's way of helping me to lose weight by having nothing to celebrate, but, if they get relegated drowning my sorrows won't help. So Mikel Arteta, thank the team for their help but please tell them I would be happy to start celebrating with my new favourite drink, Chai tea & that they should start winning games again very quickly.