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This week is expected to have some very high temperatures so I intend to do even less than I normally do. As I do so little these days anyway it could be a very quiet week.

Alan Morris diary 2021, week 28.

Friday, July 9th. I have a tostada & coffee at the beach after my swim this morning. I sit & talk with Andrew at the chiringuito & he told me that there is to be a free gipsy flamenco show on the stage outside my apartment tonight. During the day I watch as the stage is built up & as lighting & a sound system are added. As the day passes, an area is fenced off in front of the stage & seats are placed at a distance from each other for specially invited people to sit. Invited by whom I don't know as I have not even seen any advertising for this event.

After the show starts at around 10:30, I had a walk around the fenced-off area & decided that it was too busy for me & that I could get a good view from my balcony & hear the music equally as well. I went back to my apartment, poured myself a spiced rum & settled in my reclining beach chair on my balcony. The music was quite good & the flamenco dancers were very good, the show finished around 1 am, I was surprised at how quickly the crowd & the noise disappeared after the show. 

Saturday, July 10th. I slept very well after last nights late-night sitting on my balcony listening to the Flamenco show & didn't get up till gone 10 am. I went out for a swim in the Mar Menor & afterwards had a coffee & tostada at the chiringuito. This afternoon I see that my friend Alan Bond is singing at La Playa bar, not far from my apartment, so I decide to go along & listen to him sing tonight.

This evening I walk along the beach to La Playa bar, find myself a comfortable seat & listen to Alan sing & play a variety of different songs. It was a great night & I really enjoyed it. When the bar shut I walked back along the beachfront with Shellie, leaving her at her front door before walking past the chiringuito outside my apartment to go home.

As I walked up the narrow paved road to my home, I became aware of someone behind me & as I quickly turned around, a very young youth, dressed all in black swerved around me on an electric scooter narrowly missing me. I do not know if he had intended to try & mug me but there was no reason for him to be so close & after my recent mugging I have become more vigilant when walking home. I would just like to advise people to be more vigilant whilst they are out & about, especially later in the evening when it is dark.

Sunday, July 11th. I woke early this morning & pottered around on my laptop for a while before deciding it was too hot to cook dinner & that I would go out for Sunday lunch instead. I decided to go to my friend Mikes bar in Roda, Campbell´s bar. At around 13:00 I set off on my disability scooter & took my time to get there, enjoying just being out in the sun. When I arrived I saw Mike & my friend Martin, the chef, I ordered a pint & a roast lamb dinner.

Outside Campbells bar is a lovely area where you can eat & drink undercover from the full glare of the sun but I sat inside the bar by the air conditioning unit. My lunch quickly arrived & everything about it was fantastic, I really enjoyed the meal & after having a short break & ordering another pint I then ordered a bread & butter pudding which was also very good.

After my meal, I went home to watch a film on the television & unsurprisingly promptly fell asleep on the sofa before waking up an hour later & restarting the film.

Monday, July 12th. I had a coffee & tostada for breakfast at the chiringuito this morning before going to see my friend Martin at La Sombre bar at lunchtime. I sat talking to Martin for a few hours before heading home. On the way home I stopped off at the chiringuito for a swift pint & met a Spanish man & his wife. He used to be a Dr & seeing the scarring on my leg he asked what caused it. When I told him what caused it, he told me that I was very lucky to be alive as it was a very serious condition. To celebrate my living through Necrotizing fasciitis he bought me a drink or two & we sat chatting for a while before I headed back to my apartment.

After having a sandwich I again fell asleep in front of the television, before heading off to bed for an early night.

Tuesday, July 13th. This morning I arrange to meet the lady who cleaned my apartment. When she cleaned my home she knew I had been mugged & cleaned the apartment telling me to pay her when I got my bank card back. This morning I arranged to meet her at Café Prensa in Los Narejos. I got there at 11 am & joined my friend Mike for a coffee & tostada. A short time after Mike left my cleaner arrived & I was able to give her the money I owed her. Although she was a very good cleaner, communication between us was very difficult & seeing this would be a problem going forward I decided to hire a different cleaner with whom communication would be easier

After paying the cleaner I moved round to La Sombre to have a chat with my friend Martin. I sat talking with Martin until he went shopping with his family. I then moved to LA's Family Bar & Grill where my friend Amanda was sitting. We had a drink before moving on to La Zona with a detour for her to show me her house & for me to show her where I used to have a home very close to hers. We stopped at La Zona bar for a pint before moving on to Rocco's bar for a pint. We had a great afternoon catching up & after making sure that she got to her friend's house safely I carried on to my apartment.

When I got home I watched a film called 'My Spy' it was a very funny film about a big hard war veteran, who became a spy, get demoted to look after a lady & her daughter, they all fell in love etc, etc, etc. The storyline like all good Hollywood Romcoms was very far fetched but the acting from the two main characters, the burly soldier/spy & the little girl was great & I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

Wednesday, July 14th. I got up early this morning & had a lazy morning. I was due to have a reflexology session today but phoned Julie & postponed it as my stomach was making very strange noises. I spent most of the day sitting on or rushing to the toilet but late in the afternoon I cooked myself steak & mushrooms & had it with some shop-bought potato salad.  It seemed to settle my stomach enough to stop me running to the loo every 20 minutes & I just had a lazy evening & an early night. 

Thursday, July 15th. I woke up feeling much better & after having a pot of tea I went round to the local barber to have my hair cut. After my haircut, I stopped off at the chiringuito outside my apartment for a coffee. Whilst there my friend Sheila & Bernard messaged me to say they were having breakfast at chiringuito Principado further up the beach & asked me to join them. I went to meet them along the beach & we had a good chat over coffee & I got an invitation to their house for dinner next week. 

I spent the rest of the morning at home, having a salmon burger for my lunch before going to meet my friend Debby for the quiz at La Zona bar. I arrived at La Zona & met with Debby & her husband Keith just as they had ordered lunch. After lunch the quiz started, Keith left & we were joined by Debby's neighbour Pat. We did very well in the first three rounds & must have been in the top two teams at the halfway stage. Unfortunately, that was as good as it got & we went downhill very quickly, we knew only three answers in the next round & wiped out in the last round, losing any score we had got for that round. 

After the quiz, my friend Ken joined us for a while. I really enjoyed the afternoon, sitting in the sun, laughing a lot & catching up with old friends. After leaving La Zona I went home, had another salmon burger for tea watched one of the many American house remodelling shows on the television & then went to bed.