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This week starts with my morning swim, the sun is back after a few days of clouds & rain. The blue sky always makes me realise how lucky I am to live here in Los Alcazares.

Alan Morris diary 2021, week 38.

Friday, September 17th. This morning my swim was again started just before 8 am. I love being in the water at that time of the morning, it is very relaxing listening to the birds singing & feeling the water around me as I swim out to the rocks & on towards the nets. After my swim, I go home, take a shower & then head back to the chiringuito for my coffee.

This afternoon I remove some of the plants on my balcony that don't seem to like the environment I have them planted in, they are too much hassle for me to keep repotting so I replace them with a large Sansevieria Trifasciata which I break apart & spread through the larger wooden trough-style planter on my balcony. I hope if it takes it will look really good. In the other trough-style planter I put several small cactus that I hope will grow & fill the pot.

Saturday, September 18th. Once again my swim is taken early this morning, just before 8 am. After breakfast of porridge & banana, I spend a few hours on my computer again, continuing to remove unwanted photos & location tagging others.

This afternoon I sit & watch as Arsenal get a hard-fought win against Burnley. The defence is beginning to jell, despite one shaky moment where the ref originally signals for a penalty, before VAR reverses the decision, Arsenal holds on to a 0 - 1 victory & move clear of the bottom of the table.

Sunday, September 19th. I go for my morning swim even though the wind is very strong today & the waves are quite choppy. I am a bit puffed out after my swim, but I do feel better for it.

I had been planning to have dinner out today but after losing track of the time whilst reading, I settle for having steak, egg & chips at home, very nice it was too. I spend the rest of the day switching between football matches & ´Below Deck´ on the television before having an early night.

Monday, September 20th. I go for a swim early this morning then have a shower at home before going back to the chiringuito for a coffee. I sit at the Chirringuito talking with Andrew waiting for Lesley, my translator, to pick me up to go to the hospital in Cartagena.

Lesley drives me to the hospital & I am quickly seen by the gastroenterologist who gives me the all-clear to go ahead & have my hernia operation. He tells me I now have to go see the laparoscopist who will perform the laparoscopy. The appointment is over quickly & although it was pretty simple I am glad to have a translator with me who makes me feel more confident that I am getting the correct information. It certainly makes the appointment a lot more stress-free.

This afternoon I laze around watching television before going to bed early.

Tuesday, September 21st. I don't go for a swim this morning as it is a bit cooler & very windy, I did notice that the nets that I use as my target to swim to have now been removed for the season. I set off on my disability scooter to get a few bits of shopping at Dial Prix Supermarket but as I leave to go along the beachfront I meet one of my neighbours Elizabeth & stop to chat with her for a while.

Noticing the weather is beginning to look rather bleak I leave Elizabeth outside our building & head off to the shop before the rain starts. I am a bit disappointed to find the deli counter is closed in the store when I get there, I get what shopping I can & head home. When I arrive home the door to the car lift which goes down to my garage is jammed open & an alarm is going off. Unable to get my scooter in the garage I leave it at the door to the apartments whilst I take my shopping up to my apartment.

After dropping off one lot of shopping I go to La Plaza de Dia for a few bits I couldn't get earlier. When I return the garage lift is still jammed & I report it to the lift maintenance company again, my neighbour had already contacted them once earlier. Unable to put my scooter away I go to sit at the Chirringuito with a bottle of water for an hour or two. As the lift maintenance company has not returned I call my friend Mark who lives just around the corner from me & he lets me put my scooter in his garage until I can get back into mine. Luckily for me just after 6 pm, the lift is repaired & I can put my scooter back in my garage. Thanks for storing my scooter for a short time Mark.

Wednesday, September 22nd. This morning I head off to have my blood test for my anticoagulant tablets at around 8 am. After my blood test, I walk along to La Encarnacion for my coffee & tostada. I sit there in the sun reading my kindle for a while before walking back along the beach to meet my neighbour Elizabeth.

I meet Elizabeth & we have a coffee & a chat at the Chirringuito before moving on to Bar Espejo. Elizabeth hasn't been to many of the small local Spanish cafes so after sitting there for a while chatting over a coffee, I take her to El callejón de las brujas. We sit outside in the sun for an hour or so chatting before heading home. On the way back to the apartment block we stop off at the Pharmacy so that I can pick up some tablets.

As we approach the chirringuito outside our apartments I see my friends Matt & Mark sitting there. Elizabeth carried on home & I sit with Mat & Mark for a while before they leave & I sit in the sun with my kindle reading for a few hours. Whilst I am sitting drinking a pint & reading, I see my friends Lilly, Janice & Andy who stop for a quick chat. Unfortunately, a local Spanish man that gets drunk a lot & makes a habit of trying to get people to buy him drinks sits himself down next to me. Luckily I have just finished my beer, so before he can annoy me or put any drinks on my tab I quickly leave saying a swift goodbye to Lilly, Janice & Andy. Sorry I didn't stop for a longer chat guys we will have to catch up another time.

This evening I wanted to watch the Arsenal v Wimbledon game on television but was unable to find it on any of the hundreds of sports channels. I got the commentary on the Arsenal website on my phone & listened to it that way. Arsenal won 3 - 0. It was an expected win but after their early season form, I was still relieved to see them get the win.

Thursday, September 23rd. I get up this morning & as the wind is still quite strong I again decide against my morning swim. Instead, I head out for a walk. I haven't walked far recently because of the difficulty I have had with shortness of breath. I walk a circuitous route through Los Alcazares to La Encarnacion where I sit to get my breath back & have my breakfast, tostada, coffee & orange juice. All that for 2€ with a great view of the Mar Menor.

After breakfast & after finishing the story I have been reading on my kindle, I head home along the beach. When I get home I have walked 4.7 km & I am shattered so I sit down, update my website & relax for a few hours.

This evening I go to the Hong Kong Chinese restaurant around the corner from my apartment to get myself a takeaway. I have a squid dish that was rubbery & not very good & a prawn fried rice which was very nice.