Alan Morris on the balcony of his Los Alcazares apartment.

This week I did a lot of resting to allow my aching leg to recover & I did a lot of work editing videos & photos from my cruise last week to be added to my website & my YouTube channel.

Alan Morris, 2022, week 45.

Monday, 7th November. Today I woke around 4 am. I got up, made myself a coffee & then sat down at my computer to work on some more photos & videos for my website. After a busy morning working on my website, I set off for the office at about 11:45 am. I didn't get far before I remembered I would need my wallet & turned round & went back to my apartment to collect it.

I eventually arrived at the office a little bit late but Martin didn't mention it, he must have missed me whilst I've been away. We were joined by Dave & we sat talking & drinking discussing my cruise, Martin's dead bicycle & other mind-blowing topics of conversation. When Aria got off the bus we chatted for a bit longer before all heading our own way.

On the way back I stopped off at Le Petit Bistro to have a pint & a chat with my two friends Mat & Stuart. When I left I continued down to Harry's bar for a pint. It was very quiet so after quickly finishing my beer I went to my local supermarket for some shopping. It has changed hands again & seems to have a lot less in it & the prices have gone up, I will stick to using the other shops in the future.

On the way home, I stop off at the Chiringuito outside my apartment but don't stop long as the ice cream I have bought will melt. When I get back to my apartment I sit on my bed to take my shoes off & immediately fall asleep. I wake up at about 9 pm, get some water & go straight back to bed.

Tuesday, 8th November. I woke around 6 am today, I got a coffee & then continued to work on my website until 11 am when my friend George came around to give me a lift to the shops. I normally use my scooter but wanted to get a lot of shopping as I haven't got anything in my fridge or my freezer & won't be able to carry everything I want on my disability scooter.

George took me to Mercadona & I got enough shopping to keep me going & to make some more dishes for the freezer. Now the cooler weather is here I will try to start cooking a lot more for myself. George helped me carry all my shopping up to my apartment before he went home & I got myself some lunch.

This evening was spent resting my leg in front of the television, the swelling is going down & it is a lot more comfortable.

Wednesday, 9th October. I am awake at around 6:30 am & I get a coffee before working on my website again. I have started to edit & add some more videos to my website. Whilst I enjoy this it is very time-consuming. I also add photos of Rome to my website from the guided tour that I went on last week.

I have made arrangements for my disability scooter to be taken away today to have a service & for a new battery to be fitted. I wait in all day for them to pick up my scooter but no one comes around & I get no phone call from them either.

This evening Arsenal are playing Brighton in the Carabao Cup but it is not being shown on television so I can't watch it. I do listen to commentary via the Arsenal website & I am pleased I can't watch it. Despite starting very well the second-string team go into a 1-0 lead only to lose 1-3 & get knocked out of the competition.

I go to bed as soon as the game has finished.

Thursday, 10th October. I wake around 6:30 am, get a coffee & start working on another video from my holiday. In this video, I edit & compile some clips of the video I took of one of the bands on board the Costa Toscana cruise ship last week. It takes me quite a long time but I eventually add it to my Youtube channel before publishing it on my website.

After adding the video I then work on around another 70 photos from my holiday & add them to the photo album for my Mediterranean cruise. I add details & maps to many of them but by about 3 pm I have had enough & stop for the day, leaving the details for day 7 of my cruise to be added tomorrow.

This evening I watch a television film before bed at about 10:30 pm.

Friday, 11th November. I woke around 6:30 am got a coffee & sat at my computer working whilst listening to the thunder roll & watching the lightning getting closer.

I stopped working on my website long enough to get some lunch. I had a small pizza & then continued to finish the pages, images & videos about my Mediterranean cruise. Once they were all finished I uploaded the work to my website & then retired to my sofa to have a nap before deciding whether or not to go out for a drink tonight.

I got myself steak & potato salad for my dinner & when my friend Alan messaged me I walked down to La Playa bar to have a couple of beers with him. A couple of beers turned into a few, which in turn turned into half a dozen & may have crept up even higher. We sat talking with our friend Gary, about lots of rubbish, as men with alcohol inside them generally do. Then in the early hours of Saturday morning, Gary took down the guitar from the bar wall & treated us all to a sing-song, your a legend Gary.

Saturday, 12th November. After not getting home until the early hours this morning, I slept in until around 10 am. I got up & got a coffee before doing some more work on my website.

At lunchtime I watched the Manchester City v Brentford football match & was very pleased with the result, Man City lost 1-2 against Brentford, with my new hero Ivan Toney scoring a winner deep into injury time for Brentford. The result means that whatever happens in the Arsenal game later, Arsenal will still be top of the league on Christmas day.

This evening I watched the Wolves v Arsenal game on television. The first half was quite annoying, Arsenal played well but didn't look like scoring. In the second half they stepped it up a bit & Martin Odegarrd scored twice to give Arsenal a 0-2 win & a five-point gap over Manchester City at the top of the Premier League. After the game, I went to bed very happy & very tired.

Sunday, 13th November. I woke around 8 am this morning & after having a coffee I stripped the bed linen from my bed & put it in to be washed. I tidied up my apartment a bit, throwing away some of the paperwork from my holiday that I no longer needed & then talked to my Uncle Paul via Skype for a while before I had steak & potato salad for lunch.

In the afternoon I spent a few hours sorting through canonical URLs & non-canonical URLs on my website. This is as boring as it sounds but is quite important to get correct for the correct use of pages on my website. It is one of the maintenance jobs that I have to carry out on my website regularly as I add new pages to it.

This evening I watched a television film before bed at around 11 pm.