Alan Morris in week 46 of 2021

This week started off back at my apartment in Los Alcazares. I need bed rest for a while, but hopefully, I will begin the recovery from my surgery now.

Alan Morris diary 2021, week 46.

Friday, November 12th. I woke up feeling better than I have for a few days. It is amazing how being in your own home makes you feel better. I have porridge for breakfast, I have it with banana & blueberries in it, it tastes fantastic after eating cold tostada in hospital for breakfast during my stay there. Is it me or does your taste return as you begin to feel better after any sort of illness?

I have to go to my local Dr´s surgery this morning to have the dressing changed on my stomach. The lady that changes the dressing tells me to go back next Monday to have it changed again. When I get home I raise my mug of chamomile tea in a salute to my good friend Paul Hooper who passed away recently, today is his funeral, my thoughts are with your family today Paul.

This evening I watched the England v Albania game as England won 5 - 0 to all but secure their place in the World Cup Finals.

Saturday, November 13th. I woke up this morning & got myself some porridge. As I was sat there eating it, all the power in my apartment went out. This happens every now & then so I wasn't really worried but I thought I would check with my neighbours if their's had gone off.

I asked my neighbour Christine if her power was on & it was, I asked my neighbour Liz if her power was on & it was. I then tried to contact Nordic, my electricity supplier. It was at this point that I found that Nordic offices are closed at the weekend & that for outages I had to contact Iberdrola. My neighbour Liz helped me contact Iberdrola as they do not speak English, Nordic do.

Iberdrola said that they could not communicate with my electricity meter & would have to send an engineer out. He was out quite quickly but when he arrived he was not wearing a face mask, he was scruffy, arrogant & rude to my neighbour Liz who was trying to help me. He eventually made his way to the electric meter, which I do not have access to, & found that a fuse had blown. He explained that I would have to pay for the repair as it was after the meter not before it, the charge for him changing the fuse was €72.50, a rather large sum to change a fuse but at least I have power again.

After the electrician left, Liz then took me shopping to Mercadonna so that I could get some groceries. It was nice to get out & do the shopping but I was knackered & very sore by the time I got home.

Sunday, November 14th. After yesterdays excitement today is spent in bed in front of the television resting. The most exercise I get is walking to the kitchen for food or the bathroom for a call of nature. 

Monday, November 15th. I feel a bit better this morning after resting all day yesterday, the healing process I think will take longer than I hoped & I have to get used to a slower pace of life for a while.

This morning I go back to my Dr´s surgery where I have a very young & very pretty nurse change the dressing & clean the wound on my stomach. To be fair the gentle way she caressed my stomach would have made any man feel better & I have to make another appointment to come back again on Wednesday.

This evening I watch the San Marino v England football game. It is a game that England needs a win or a draw from to qualify for the World Cup Finals. England is expected to win & do so by beating San Marino 0 - 10.

Tuesday, November 16th. I can now get out of bed without too much pain & decide that I will now be able to sleep in my own bed rather than the spare bed that is higher & has made getting in & out of bed easier. I call my friend Bob to arrange for him to call tomorrow to put my furniture back where it should be.

I receive a call from my translator this evening who has had a call from the hospital saying that my insurance has refused to pay for my hospital stay. She forwards me the bill which I then forward to my insurance company, ASSSA with a complaint.

Wednesday, November 17th. I have breakfast before walking to the Dr´s surgery this morning to have the dressing changed on my stomach. It is pouring with rain this morning but it leaves off just enough that I get there without getting too wet. I see a different nurse today who cleans the wound, changes the dressing & tells me to come back again tomorrow to have it changed again.

I have not been home long before my friends Bob & Connie call round to move the bed I have been sleeping in, back to my spare room from my lounge & move the sofa back to where it was in the lounge. I have never seen Bob look so smart in a black t-shirt with the Arsenal Crescent emblazoned proudly across the front of it. Thank you Bob & Connie for your help.

I receive a message from my insurance company today informing me that I am covered for my hospital stay as I have the highest cover I can get. They will contact the hospital & sort out the bill for my stay & treatment. The rest of the day I spend watching films & resting before going to sleep in my bedroom for the first time in a few weeks.

Thursday, November 18th. I slept really well last night & feel better than I have for a while when I get up. I am still sore but I am improving, I feel that just being able to sleep in my own bed & having my apartment return to a more normal state helps. 

I walk around to the Dr´s surgery today, it is only a short walk but I feel better for having done it. The nurse changes the dressing on my stomach, cleans the wound & tells me to come back again tomorrow.

I feel a bit worn out when I get back to the apartment block but feel a bit better after stopping at my neighbour Liz´s home for a cup of tea & a chat. Thank you for your company Liz.

The rest of the day is spent catching up with work on my website that has been on hold whilst I have been in hospital, it feels good to be getting back to some sort of normal life.