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Thursday, June 01, 2023
2021, week 12

The week started off overcast & cold, the sun does try to break through the clouds in the afternoon but rain is forecast again for the weekend.

Week 12 of 2021.

Friday, March 19th.

Today my friend Sean delivered a dozen homemade sausages, they are delicious & it's always good to have some in the freezer for an easy meal. I have been waiting for the live draw for the Quarter Finals & Semi-Finals of the Europa League this morning. Right on cue, just before the draw is made, I fall asleep & wake up an hour later, after it is all over. Arsenal drew Slavia Prague from the Czech Republic & if they win this match they will play the winner of the Dinamo Zagreb v Villarreal match. 

The rain this afternoon & this evening is very heavy, which means if I had wanted to go out I would have had to use the kayak rather than the mobility scooter. I stay at home with the heat on & watch the Fulham v Leeds game on the television.

Saturday, March 20th.

This morning the rain has stopped but I don't know for how long. I decide against going out & spend the day with my feet up. I make a Skype video call to my Uncle Paul in the UK & watch a few films. This evening I watch the France v Wales Six Nations rugby match. It is the best rugby game I can remember watching with the lead being taken first by France, twice, before Wales take the lead only to lose the game with the last play. It was a very loose game with both sides losing players & playing long periods without a full team on the pitch but the French side seemed to switch up a gear when they needed to at the death. The final score was France 32 - Wales 30. It means Wales can not win the Grand Slam but means that France has to beat Scotland & get a bonus point in the last game next week to win the Six Nations tournament & stop Wales from winning that as well.

Sunday, March 21st.

I had another fairly quiet day today. I went to my local supermarket this morning for a few things so that I can make some chicken soup tomorrow. When I get home I take the filters out of my dishwasher, clean them up, use a dishwasher cleaner to steam clean the dishwasher, then top up the salt in it.

I put the two chickens I have bought in the oven to roast. Then I settle down to watch the West Ham v Arsenal game on television. Arsenal once again starts terribly & are losing 3 - 0 after only 30 minutes. Incredibly they then start to play really well & force West Ham into making two errors, scoring an own goal, either side of halftime. West Ham then hit the post of the Arsenal goal before Arsenal score a great goal to draw the game 3 - 3. Arsenal are really not helping my heart out this week.

After watching the game I strip the meat from the two chickens & put it in the fridge to make the soup with tomorrow. The chicken bones were then placed in the slow cooker to make a chicken bone broth, I will leave it on low for around 12-14 hours overnight.

Monday, March 22nd.

Today I went to look for a bike, I am deciding if I will get the use out of it. I would like an electric bike, that way if my knee pops out or my legs hurt whilst I am out, I can still get home. They are a lot of money though, a new one is around é1000. After looking in the bike shop in Los Narejos I went for a coffee & a few beers with my friend Martin. After meeting Martin I stopped off at La Zona bar before going on to the quiz at Rocco's bar in the early evening. The fresh air must have gotten to me as I was in bed & asleep by 9 pm.

Tuesday, March 23rd.

This morning my friend Martin cycled around to see if he could get his bike in my storage cupboard in the garage. Before I buy one I want to make sure I can keep it safe & locked away & the entrance to the cupboard is quite an awkward angle. After quickly finding that I could get a bike in the garage we walked round to one of the local bars for a quick pint. The rest of the day I spent watching television & a very good documentary series 'The Story of Wales', it was very interesting seeing how my ancestors would have lived & how Wales developed into the country we know now.

Wednesday, March 24th.

First thing this morning I walked around to the local supermarket for some milk but they didn't have any. On the way back I met my neighbour Russ & we decided to go for breakfast at the San Juan bar on the beachfront. A breakfast of bacon, sausage, mushrooms, beans & an egg was just what the Dr ordered & the view is great. After breakfast, we realised that somewhere in the world it was 5 O'clock so we had a pint before then moving on to the Alaska bar for some light refreshments. I didn't stay long with Russ as I had arranged to meet my friends Reindeer & Frouk at a Spanish bar called El Callejón de las Brujas for lunch. It is a fantastic little bar, with cheap drinks & very good food. We stay there chatting in the sun until it closes at around 5:30. I had said I would stop & see Russ on my way back along the beach but he had already left when I got there. It seemed a shame to have walked that way for nothing so I stopped off at La Playa bar for some light refreshment before heading home.

I will have to sort out my hat as I can feel the sun has burnt my head. The factor 50 sun cream will have to start being used again as well, I do burn easily. Hopefully, by next month it will be warm enough for me to start swimming every morning again.

Thursday, March 25th.

My head is burnt from all the sun yesterday & the first thing I do after my shower is put plenty of aftersun on my head & find my hat. I go for a walk this morning & end up at bar Corzola for coffee & a tostada & sit there for a few hours reading my kindle. In the afternoon I meet my neighbour Russ & he forces me to drink beer at the beach all afternoon & then physically drags me to Rocco's bar for several more whilst we talk garbage & watch the football.