Jade Buddha Temple.

Day 10 of my trip to China was spent exploring Shanghai.

Exploring Shanghai.

Shanghai is the fastest developing city in China & today we go on a sightseeing tour of the city. After a full breakfast, we depart by coach to see the Old Town, The Jade Buddha Temple & the Yu Yuan Gardens, before this evening going to see a Shanghai acrobat show.

Jade Buddha Temple.

The Jade Buddha temple was very busy on the day we went, June 27th, as it was a religious holiday. There were many Chinese people praying, burning incense & asking for whatever it was they thought the Buddha could provide for them. I find the commercialism of all of the temples we have visited very disappointing. I know they have to make money to operate but the people that were visiting were being offered incense to buy & burn, large wax lotus flowers to place on a bonfire in what appeared to be no more than a large oil drum.

The charge to enter I think is OK, but when one of our party turned the wrong way & found he had walked through the exit by mistake he was charged to come back in even after showing his entry ticket.

The Buddha here was impressive. The reclining Buddha was good but I did like one of the Jade Buddha that sits with many hands raised in different positions behind it. The Jade Buddha here was imported from Burma in 1882 & was rescued when the temple was destroyed during the revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty. They were placed in the rebuilt temple in 1928.

Yuyuan Gardens.

The Yuyuan Gardens were very beautiful, tranquil & well worth a visit. I could have spent a lot more time here just relaxing in the gardens. Some of the Bonsai trees here were really nice & I found the quietness of the place really amazing given its position in the centre of Shanghai.

We were told all about the history of the gardens which are split into six areas & now cover around 2 hectares of land. The Sansui Hall contained a large rockery, the Wanhua hall, the Dianchuan Hall, the Huijing Hall, the Yuhua Hall & the inner gardens which contain rockeries, gardens, ponds & towers. Each section is divided by an amazing dragon. The wall looks great when you look at it with the modern backdrop of Shanghai tower blocks reaching skywards above it.

This evening after dinner we go to see a Shanghai acrobat show. The show is split up between single acrobats & groups of acrobats performing fantastic acrobatic tricks. The strength, balance & power of the acrobats are amazing, as is the bravery of the people who are catapulted to the top of a human tower that is formed during the show.

Even the tumblers are impressive as they perform tumbles at different heights &through moving objects. When they combine with 4 or 5 other tumblers all performing at once it really is impressive.

Photos from day 10 of my China holiday.