River tour boat on the Huangpu River in Shanghai.

Day 11 of my trip to China was spent in Shanghai.

A day in Shanghai.

Today we have the morning at leisure before going on a cruise up the Huangpu River to view the Shanghai skyline from the river. After this, we will be going to Nanjing Road for a bit of retail therapy.

I have a lie in this morning getting up in time to get down before the breakfast buffet closes. I make the normal 3 or 4 visits to the breakfast buffet & then get ready to meet the rest of our party in the hotel lobby. We board the coach & I take my usual seat at the back of the coach on the naughty seats. The back seats had been reserved for me, my wife & my daughter as we misbehave so much but the other people on tour are edging closer to us all the time, yes Cilla I mean you.

Huangpu River Trip.

We arrive at a dock on the Huangpu River where we wait before boarding for our cruise along the river to see the Shanghai skyline. We go onboard & some of us immediately go upstairs to the top deck. Here we find that to sit on the top deck we have to pay extra, we pay the money but at least we get a table to sit at & can enjoy the view from a seat whilst we sit in the sun. Cilla quickly departs returning swiftly with emergency rations of beer for the trip, well done Cilla that was a close thing.

The river is huge & we pass many other ships transporting their various cargos up & down as we sail past the old & new parts of Shanghai looking at various different buildings that our guide points out to us. Unfortunately, the smog in Shanghai once again stops us from seeing the tops of many of the buildings. When we leave the ship I take a photo of the group next to the ship making sure I get everyone in it, except that is me.

After the cruise along the Huangpu River, we take a short walk along the river walk. We watch the local Chinese walk along the river whilst they watch the English tourists walk along the river. Being nosey is a multicultural trait. We soon join the coach again & head for the Nanjing Road for a brief bit of retail therapy.

Lost Kiwis & delayed flights.

We are dropped off at one end of the pedestrian Nanjing Road shopping complex but are only given 30 minutes of shopping time. The group walk off in different directions & I jump into the shop next to where we are dropped off & have to meet the coach. I quickly buy all the required emergency shopping I need, six pairs of underpants, & then return to wait for the coach.

I walk outside the shop & meet our guide. She informs me that the plane that just over half the party are catching to go to Bejing for their return flight home this evening, has been delayed & that they will miss their connection to Beijing. She spends her time ringing different people trying to arrange flights for the England bound amongst us whilst we wait for the return of the rest of the people from the coach.

We soon realise we are missing one person, Ewen has not been seen for some time. He was last seen walking around the shops with others but has got himself lost. We are now half an hour late departing and a search party is sent out to check restrooms. John gets down on his hands and knees and looks under every toilet cubicle door he can find hoping to find Ewen, at least that is what he tells us he is doing it for. The search party returns & we are now about an hour late when our tour rep gets a phone call from the hotel to tell us that Ewen is in the hotel, he got lost & jumped in a taxi back to the hotel. We can now head back to the hotel.

By the time that we get back to the hotel, it is certain, that there will be no flight for the homeward bound amongst us as the plane they were due to catch from Australia hasn't left Australia. On our return to the hotel those of us that are staying say our goodbyes to those going to the airport and form a line outside to wave them off.

This evening those of us that remain have a Lazy Susan meal in the hotel restaurant. After dinner, we all go to the hotel bar & lobby for a drink. As others retire to bed, Tracy & I stay in the lobby to have a few drinks & wait for Branwen to return. We are eager to know that our friends that were going home managed to get off OK. At about 00:30 the following morning, we can wait no longer and retire to our rooms, we will have to wait till tomorrow to see if they got off safely.

Photos from day 11 of my China holiday.