Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing.

It was on day two of my trip to China that we finally landed in Beijing.

Arrival In Beijing.

We arrived in Beijing at about 6:50 am & getting through immigration was easy. This was a huge but very well run airport.

As we can not get into our hotel in Beijing until this afternoon we are soon separated from our luggage, it went on ahead to the hotel to wait for us, whilst we all went to view The Birds Nest, The Summer Palace & The Llama Temple.

The Birds Nest.

Location of the Birds Nest Stadium:

This was just a brief stop outside the National Stadium in Beijing, aka The Birds Nest Stadium, which was used to host the Olympics in Beijing. We didn't go inside the building it was just a hop-off, hop back on again, photoshoot opportunity.

The Summer Palace.

  Location of the Summer Palace:

We stopped at the Summer Palace in Beijing for around 2½ hours. The grounds here are beautiful, it's difficult to believe the scale of this man-made lake and the number of people it must have taken to construct it when it was built.

We had lunch here that was included with our tour. We had Jasmine tea & lunch was a range of Chinese dishes served on a lazy Susan. The group were split into two groups and were served by girls in traditional Chinese outfits. The food was delicious but it was very hot & humid eating in a building with no air conditioning or even any fans.

After dinner, we crossed the lake on one of the Chinese dragon boats & then returned to our coach. 

The Llama Temple.

Location of the Llama Temple:


We made a stop at the Llama Temple in Beijing to see the many Buddhas there. It was strange to see lots of people who don't understand Buddhism buying incense sticks to pray in front of the Buddha. They were not even lighting the sticks, merely placing them in front of the temple in a tray which I imagine are recycled & sold to people again tomorrow. Many of them, were not even taken out of the bundles in which they were purchased.

The Buddha were very impressive, especially the last one which was made from one tree & completely fills the building it is in, standing 80 metres above ground & being buried 80 metres below ground it was made from a single tree.

Traders Hotel.

We arrived at our hotel at around 2:30 pm & most of us went for a quick nap before getting ready for a welcome drink and an evening meal in the hotel. I had a shower, set up my computer & Skype-called my mum. I thought I would post today's photos on Facebook, it was then I discovered that Facebook has been blocked by the Chinese government & is not available in China. Luckily my website isn't blocked & I will be able to post my holiday snaps as I travel around.

Dinner was included & we all ate together in the hotel restaurant, again enjoying a Chinese meal served in two groups around a lazy Susan. Again the food was fantastic. The beer in the bar was around 45 Yuan or £4.5 a glass (less than a half pint) but I walked to a local mini-market & got 4 cans of Budweiser for 35 Yuan or £3.50. I returned to my room to watch some football & have a cold beer but by 8:45 pm I was fast asleep after a long day.

I had been awake for 38 hours & travelled halfway around the world, to a continent & a country I had never been to, it had been a good start to the holiday.

Photos from day 2 of my China holiday.