Xian City.

Day 5  of my trip to China was spent travelling to Xi'an & viewing some of the sights in the city.

Xi'an City.

After the now-obligatory huge breakfast, we are transferred by coach to the airport for our flight to Xi'an. I am surprised to discover that although the plane we are flying on internally is smaller than the plane we flew to China on, it has more legroom in it.

The flight is uneventful & we are met by a new local guide when we arrive in Xi'an. We go for lunch at the airport & are given another large lunch with many different dishes served on a Lazy Susan.

Han Tombs.

Our guide tells us that the Terracotta Army has around 8000 warriors but the Han Tombs where we are going has over one hundred thousand figures of warriors & animals. He tells us the history of it, tells us that the figures were all buried with China's 4th emperor and makes it sound amazing. When we arrive we are all asked to don little plastic bag shoes so as not to damage anything as we walk around. To keep us all amused April does a little Jig in her very fetching blue plastic booties.

After we have been told how amazing the place is, it comes as a big letdown. The figures are all quite small and look more like Bill & Ben the flowerpot men characters. They have no arms as these were made of wood and have long since rotted away. I find myself thinking that it looks like a reject bin for characters from the Toy Story movies, or that after the film this is where all the dolls were thrown.

Xi'an City Walls.

We arrive in Xi'an & are met at the walls by a welcoming party. Our way is barred until we are invited in where we are welcomed by soldiers, the emperor, the empress, dancers & an acrobat. The show is very good, especially the girl who does acrobatics. It was amazing how she could throw herself over whilst spinning a hat on her foot. We are then given the freedom of the city & presented with a gold key symbolising the freedom of the city that we have been granted.

After we watch the show we have our photo taken with the characters in the show and are then invited to climb the tower and view the city from on top of it. It was quite strange to see the old part of the city on one side and the new tower blocks that have been built on the other side, towering over the wall.

Photos from day 5 of my China trip.