Giant Pandas eating bamboo.

Day 9 of my trip to China included a visit to the Chengdu Panda Breeding & Research Centre.

Before we move on to Shanghai we will be visiting the Chengdu Panda Breeding & Research Centre. I think everyone on the trip has been looking forward to this visit. As we are travelling we have no idea how long it will be before we eat again so we all tuck into a hearty breakfast in the hotel before boarding the coach for our trip to see the Panda.

Chengdu Panda Breeding & Research Centre.

We are all taken to the Panda Breeding & Research Centre & our guide does a good job of showing us around & making sure we see as much as we can in the few hours we have here. There is not much I can see about the place, we are told how the breeding centre works & then taken around to view the panda. They all seem very happy & the grounds they are kept in look large enough for them, unlike some zoos I have been in.

I am surprised here by the cost of souvenirs. I was expecting the normal inflated prices here but the goods are all great value & I soon buy a great panda t-shirt & a couple of cuddly pandas for my niece. In many places you go, souvenirs are cheaper outside or in the local area. That was not the case here & if you are visiting here buy your gifts inside, they are great quality & great value.

After our visit, we travel to the airport in Chengdu. We are met at the airport for our lunch. I say we are met as lunch today is a Subway sandwich, they have been ordered & arrive at the airport shortly after we do. Some of us eat them as they are delivered, other posh people like me save them to eat in the departure lounge rather than stand in front of the main entrance to the airport eating a sandwich and spilling sauce over my best travelling clothes. The drinks however all have to be consumed straight away as we are not allowed to take them through security. This is the first time on the trip that I think the organisation could have been better.


When we arrive at Shanghai airport we have to wait for our coach as there is a backup of coaches & cars waiting to get out. On the way to Shanghai from the airport, we are passed by the Maglev train. We are told that the 40 to 60-minute coach journey would take 7 minutes to do the same trip.

Perhaps we could have travelled on the train as it took us about half-hour just to get on our coach let alone make the trip.

We are due to take a trip up the Jin Mao Tower tonight to see the city as the light fades & the Shanghai skyline is lit up. Unfortunately, the smog is so bad that we will not be able to see anything at all & the trip is cancelled.

Photos from the Chengdu Panda breeding & research centre.