My trip to Peru in 2013.

In 2013 I went on an escorted tour of Peru. My dad had always wanted to go to Machu Picchu but because of health reasons he never got to go. After he died I asked my Doctor if I could go & he told me I could but to go sooner rather than later as my health may cause me problems that would prevent me from going if I left it to long. I went there partially to fulfil a dream my dad had, but I was really glad I went. These articles are all about my travel in Peru, places that I went or people that I met in Peru.

Peruvian flag.

Fareham to Lima.

I flew from Heathrow in London to Madrid in Spain with Iberia airlines. Getting to the airport was fine, Tony, a friend of mine, took me to Heathrow & because of a clear run he was actually there an hour before he needed to be.

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Plaza Mayor in Lima, Peru.

Exploring Lima.

My flight from Madrid in Spain to Lima in Peru was uneventful, but as normal I could not sleep on the plane. After a twelve & a half hour flight, when my flight landed in Lima I was glad to get off of the plane & to have arrived in Peru.

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The Kiss sculpture at Miraflores.

Lima to Chincha.

After a long flight & long day yesterday, today felt like a lie in when getting up at 07:00 local time, 13:00 UK time. After a breakfast buffet I went for a short walk around Miraflores before leaving the hotel around 13:00 to begin our journey to Chincha.

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Birds flying over ocean spray.

Ballestas Islands.

Today we set off early to take a boat trip out to the Ballestas Islands a protected area which is home to Humboldt Penguins, Peruvian Pelicans, Peruvian Booby, Neotropic Cormorants, Inca Tern & Sea Lions.

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Pacific coast road, Peru.

Nazca to Arequipa.

Today we set off early, for a long drive down to Arequipa. We pass back through the sun baked arid desert plateau that we crossed yesterday.

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Alan Morris in Arequipa.

Exploring Arequipa.

This morning I have the usual breakfast buffet that I have got used to on this trip. Accompanied by one or two cups of Coca tea every morning I feel ready for todays tour of Arequipa.

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Alan Morris in Andes.

Colca Canyon.

Today I travelled from Arequipa through the Colca Canyon to the hotel, Casa Andina Classic in Chivay. I passed through many small villages in the rugged volcanic landscape, where farming is still the major source of work and way of bringing money into the local economy.

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Farmers home.


Today, after a breakfast buffet and lots of Coca Tea, I join the coach ready for the journey on to Lake Titicaca. We retrace our route out of the Canyon passing strange looking moss which can live for 500 years and when touched it actually feels more like a rock than a moss.

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Baby boy on Uros Islands.

Uros Islands.

After breakfast we leave the hotel for the short drive through the town to the pontoon where a boat takes us out onto Lake Titicaca. We pass through many small islands each home to between 8 to 15 people and arrive at the island we are to have a look around.

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Peruvian girls with a Llama.

Lake Titicaca to Cusco.

After breakfast and obligatory coca tea, we set of this morning for Cusco, it will be a long day in the coach. Our tour guide Rosario overslept this morning and was met by a rousing cheer when she climbed on the bus ten minutes late.

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Alan Morris at Ollantaytambo.

The Sacred Valley.

After a very good breakfast buffet we today head off for a tour to the Sacred Valley of The Incas. After a drive through the mountains we come down in to a town to have a rest break and to visit a market where we are shown the different meat, fish and vegetables that the local people will be purchasing for their own use.

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Machu Picchu, Peru.

Machu Picchu.

I woke up this morning very excited, after all this was the reason that I came on this trip. Today I would be going to the place my dad always wanted to go and couldn't get to because of his health. It was the day I would visit Machu Picchu.

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Guinea Pig dinner.


After yesterdays long day I am glad to have a lie in this morning. After breakfast at around 8:30 I sit in the lobby just watching people coming and going. It appears that we have had one of Peru's biggest football teams staying in the same hotel as us.

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Church in the main square in Cuzco.

Cuzco & then home.

Today I join a few others on another short tour of Cuzco, to a few of the buildings we couldn't see yesterday because they were closed due to the bank holiday.

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