Peruvian girls with a Llama.

After breakfast & obligatory coca tea, we set off this morning for Cusco, it will be a long day in the coach. Our tour guide Rosario overslept this morning and was met by a rousing cheer when she climbed on the bus ten minutes late.

Lake Titicaca to Cusco.

At mid-morning we stop for a rest break in a small village. In the shop we use for our rest break I purchase a pack of coca leaves covered in dark chocolate, I wish I had bought more as they are delicious & they only cost about 80 pence.

During the day we pass many roadside markets where locals sell their wares or pose for photos with llamas & sheep for a small donation from the tourists eager to take them.

We stop for lunch in a small café that appears to be set up in a marquee tent. After I have eaten I step outside, the good food, the warm sun & the comfortable patch of grass I select nearly have me nodding off to sleep but we soon set off again.

After lunch we visit an Inca temple complex called 'Raqchi' once again I find myself amazed at the building that the Incas were able to do so many years ago. If this type of complex was to be built today it would never be finished, the planning permission alone would last for decades and the 'Not In My Back Yard' brigade would certainly not allow building work to be carried out in such beautiful landscapes.

We arrive in Cusco & enter our hotel where we are presented with a Pisco Sour. After a long day in the coach today, I have a sandwich & a beer in the hotel bar and then retire to my room for an early night.