Church in the main square in Cuzco.

Today I join a few others on another short tour of Cuzco, to a few of the buildings we couldn't see yesterday because they were closed due to the bank holiday.

Cuzco & then home.

We are shown around possibly the nicest & most impressive of the Cathedrals we had been to, the Cathedral of Santo Domingo. We also see the 'Iglesia del Triunfo or The Church of Triumph' & the 'Qurikancha or Golden Place'. We then return to the hotel to pack up our belongings & are taken to the airport.

At the airport, I am led through the airport, with another lady on the tour, to the gate our plane is leaving from. I am having to use my walking stick today & she is in a wheelchair so we are taken the quick route to the gate & left there to wait for a few people that are also on our plane home. After a short wait, another airport employee appears to take us to the gate we are really flying from as the first person has taken us to the wrong gate.

The flight to Madrid is comfortable & it passes quite quickly. As ever I am unable to sleep on the plane but manage to catch up on all sorts of films I didn't know I had missed. The connection to our flight onwards is hassle-free & I only hope that the bags that I checked all the way through to London are on the same plane as me.

On arrival at Heathrow, I am pleased to be reconnected with my luggage & even more pleased to see my friend Tony waiting to take me back to Fareham, well done Tony you're a sight for sore eyes after around 18 hours either in airports or on aeroplanes I'm now looking forward to getting home & a cup of tea, it's a shame it won't be Coca tea anymore.

My Final Thoughts.

I am really glad I did this trip, I met some nice people & saw some great places & a few I shall never forget. It is definitely a place I would recommend people to go to. I have done it now & probably won't go back but I am very pleased I managed to do what my dad never could. Between us we got there dad, we saw a lot, we experienced a lot & can I just say, you wouldn't have liked the Guinea Pig anyway.