Algar Waterfalls, Alicante, Spain

Last week my friend Diane was telling me about a trip she planned on going on, to see the Algar Waterfalls. By the time we parted company, she had convinced me it would be a good day out & booked an extra place for me.

Algar Waterfalls.

I met Diane at a bus stop a short 5-minute walk away from my apartment, at 8:10 am.

We are soon picked up by the coach & as it's empty get a seat in the front of the coach. We do another pick-up at Los Narejos before driving to Benidorm. On route, we make around another 8 stops to pick up more people, whilst this does delay the trip it is very nice seeing some of the smaller towns & villages on the route that I would not normally see.

When we arrive in Benidorm, the coach drops us off at a hall where we are given coffee & cake. After our coffee, we are taken into a small room to sit through a sales presentation for about 1½ hours. The sales women are today trying to sell, reclining beds. I have to say even though it was all in Spanish, my limited Spanish knowledge did allow me to understand some of it, Diane being fluent in Spanish understood everything & filled me in on anything I asked her about. After the talk people were asked if they wanted to test the bed, Diane got up to test the bed. As she lay down on the bed the woman asked her in Spanish, ´would your husband like to test it with you?´. Diane replied, in Spanish, ´he is not my husband´ & the room erupted into laughter with all the Spanish really enjoying this reply.

After the sales pitch, we were led back to the large hall where we were given a menu of the day meal. It consisted of a few pieces of sliced meat & a salad to start with. This was followed by a nice meat paella & finished off with ice cream. Jugs of red wine with lemonade were left on the table, these jugs of wine to drink were very refreshing & the meal was very tasty. Just before we left we were all given a free hat to keep the sun off our heads as we continued on in the afternoon. 

We left Benidorm on a short trip through beautiful countryside & soon arrived at the Algar Waterfalls. We walked up a very steep hill to the entrance whilst the organiser of the trip paid our entrance fee & told us to meet back up at the coach at around 5:30 pm. It was quite busy as we walked in carrying our bags & I didn't see anywhere to change. We began the walk up the side of the falls but it was very steep & my calf muscles soon turned to stone & I had difficulty breathing in the stifling heat. At one point a young lady in a very tight but very small bikini came galloping past & my brain told me to follow her up the steep climb, I did race up the climb for about 30 feet behind her before my brain reminded me how old I am & my body told me to forget keeping up with her.

Location of Algar Waterfalls:

On three occasions I had to stop for a rest to allow my legs to get some feeling back in them & to allow my shallow breathing to return to normal. My friend Diane kept an eye on me & several times she went on to see how much further the climb was whilst I recovered. We eventually got to the top & whilst Diane went into the water, I again had to sit down to get my breath back. When Diane returned she said that the water was ice cold & as I was having trouble breathing I didn't see it was necessary to jump into ice cold water to give my body more of a shock. Whilst I sat I took a few photos of the waterfalls & surrounding area.

When Diane was ready to head back we looked on the other side of the river & found a much easier path to follow that had no steep steps & was paved. We followed this path until it came out near where we had started the walk. We then headed back to where we were dropped by the coach & settled at a seat in a bar to have a beautiful cool pint whilst we recovered.

The coach arrived around 5:45 pm & took us back to Benidorm where we dropped off the guide & then headed back towards home. We retraced the trip going up, dropping people off on the way & arrived back in Los Alcazares at 8:50 pm. Diane & I went our separate ways & I walked along the beachfront back to my apartment. As soon as I got in I turned on the air conditioning & collapsed into my sofa to rest my legs, which by now were very sore, my calf muscles felt like stone & I was ready to go to bed.

I really enjoyed the day & although it wouldn't be for some because of the sales pitch part of it, I thought it was fine. The trip costs only €10, which includes the coach, coffee when you arrive at Benidorm, the sales pitch lasting around 1½ hours, a menu of the day meal at lunchtime & entrance to the falls & the sunhat. For €10 I had a good day out, a nice meal, & got a nice sun hat in the bargain. I personally would do this type of trip again, maybe not this one as the steep climb was too much for me, but I will look out for other similar trips.

I would like to thank my friend Diane for organising everything & for looking after me on the climb up to the waterfalls, you were good company & I really enjoyed our day out, thank you.

Photos from my trip to the Algar Waterfalls.