Teasers bar staff.

In 2004 my friend Martin was 40 years old & for his birthday he decided he wanted to go to Amsterdam for a long weekend. Originally six of us should have been going but this soon became 3, with his friends dropping out because of pressure from wives & girlfriends.

An Amsterdam birthday weekend trip.

On the morning of the trip, one more dropped out without even letting us know. So for Martins 40th birthday, his friends that had all been ready for a trip had become Martin & me.

After arriving in Amsterdam & checking in to our hotel we went for a walk around to see what was going on & where we would go later on. We had a wander around looking at the cafes, bars & restaurants & also took a cruise around the canals on a canal boat. I must say there were a lot more canals than I had imagined before going.

On the way back to our hotel that afternoon Martin bought himself a large joint to have before going out that evening. A few hours later I knocked on his hotel room to go out & we walked to a small restaurant next to one of the larger canals. We ordered & I noticed whilst I was eating Martin had only taken a few mouth fulls of food & had gone as white as a sheet. He suddenly jumped up ran towards the front of the restaurant & threw up all over the inside of the restaurant front door. He ran outside & continued to lose the small amount of food he had eaten.

I was surprised we weren't both thrown out, the restaurant cleared up & after I had finished my meal Martin came back in & paid for the meals & apologised. We then went to a bar next door called Teasers. Martin had one beer before leaving & going back to the hotel to continue throwing up for the rest of the night. I stayed where I was meeting & becoming friends with some people from London before going back to the hotel bar late that night & partying till around 5 am with some people I met there.

The following day we had a walk around the different sections of Amsterdam, viewing the Red Light District along Canal Street, walking to Anne Frank's house & going to many of the Plazas. That evening Martin was still feeling ill & again stayed in the hotel. I returned to Teasers where I met the people from the previous night & continued to party till the early hours of the morning.

On our last day, we had to leave mid-morning to catch a flight but returned for breakfast in Teasers before catching our flight home. I don't think Martin had much of a 40th birthday weekend. I, on the other hand, had a great time & made lots of new friends.

Photos from my Amsterdam trip.