Alan & Jean Morris on the Rock of Gibraltar.

Whilst living in Spain my mum used to come & frequently stay with me for a while. On one such occasion between Christmas 2005 & New Year 2006, I had an electric problem on New Year's Day. I contacted an electrician about rewiring the whole house & he said he could do it immediately but that it would take a couple of days. Not having any electricity, we decided to go to Gibraltar for a few days.

An unexpected trip to Gibraltar.

I drove down to Gibraltar & we stayed in a cheap hotel for a few days before heading back. We had a look around Gibraltar, which didn't take long & went on the cable car to the top of the rock to see the views. Whilst there we had a quick look at the gun emplacements used to protect the Straits of Gibraltar during the war but didn't spend much time looking at them. I wish I had paid more attention to this place as I found out years later when researching my family tree that my Grandfather Llewelyn Morris had been stationed there for a few years. Knowing this would have made it more interesting for me, I think I will have to go back one day.

We had a look at the Barbary macaque monkeys climbing all over the rock & any cars they could get to. I was surprised how many people drove their nice cars through the monkeys, all the monkeys jumped on them & pulled bits of the car off. Any woman who had an open handbag had a monkey's hands stealing anything they could reach in the handbag & anyone with food had it snatched from their hands.

The monkeys aren't shy & would sit there eating bugs off of each other, the more hot-blooded ones could often be seen masturbating sitting on the rocks, this provoked many awkward questions from small children to blushing parents.

We also drove down to where the Mosque & lighthouse are situated but didn't go into either. The Mosque had a carpark big enough for every car on the Island to park & still have room left over.

Photos of my Gibraltar trip.