These blogs are all about the trip I made to Spain in 2014. I had been living with my mum in her home in Fareham, England where I had been her carer. She had been ill for many years & this was intended to be a brief respite for me as well as her. What I didn't realise before this trip was how much this time would change my life forever.

Hotel Torre Garden.

Fareham to Madrid.

I got up at around 5:45 this morning, 15 minutes before my alarms went off. I packed my last belongings to take with me to Spain, made sure mum was ok and then sat watching television until my friend Les arrived to pick me up to take me to Fareham train Station.

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A square in Madrid.

Madrid Walking Tour.

This morning we took a train into the centre of Madrid, to the Old Town in the 'Puerto del Sol', or 'Gate of the Sun'. We saw two guides who were giving guided tours, the type Paul and I like, they were free and you just gave a tip if you enjoyed the tour.

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Alan Morris & Paul Dunne on segways in Madrid.

Segway Tour.

After a large breakfast we caught a taxi to where we were taking a Segway tour from. We were a bit early so had a coffee in a local bar before heading back to the Segway tour office.

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Madrid train station.

Madrid to Barcelona.

We checked out of our hotel in Madrid to day to take the Spanish version of the bullet train to Barcelona. It was quite comfortable and a lot better than the Chinese one I went on just over a few months ago.

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Alan Morris at Montjuic Castle.


I got up around 9:00 which is late for me, I had, had a relatively good nights sleep. I went to get breakfast in the hotel restaurant & was immediately unimpressed by the person letting you in.

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Montserrat Trip.

We got up early today for a coach tour to Montserrat via The Church of Colònia Güell on the way. We had no breakfast as our hotel doesn't serve breakfast before 7:30.

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Alan Morris in Barcelona University Hospital.

Barcelona Hospital.

This was not where I had expected to be waking up in Barcelona. My leg is giving me a lot of pain now and they are treating it for an insect bite after last nights Doppler scan showed no thrombosis & the xray shows no breaks.

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At the time of writing this I have now been in hospital for two weeks & my mother has passed away. Not a time I will want to remember or possibly be able to remember due to the amount of pain killers I'm on.

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