Alan Morris in Barceloan University Hospital.

This was not where I had expected to be waking up in Barcelona. My leg is giving me a lot of pain now and they are treating it for an insect bite after last nights Doppler scan showed no thrombosis & the x-ray shows no breaks.

Barcelona Hospital.

Very boring apart from the cute nurses who seem to like talking to me to better their English language skills. I don't mind anything I can do to help them I will do. Paul came in around lunchtime after going for a Segway tour up the beach. Luckily he brought me some bottled water as it turns out they don't give you any in Spanish hospitals, I'm told you have to buy it from a machine in the corridor. Paul goes to get me another bottle & whilst he is away Iam moved again to another room, which I share with an elderly Spanish man who likes loud Spanish game shows on the telly & to wipe bits of excrement & blood on the dividing curtain between us. His wife spends most of the day & night here arguing with him & using the loo in the room. They appear to be well-matched, both loud, rude to staff & annoying to me, it always irks me that I didn't learn how to swear whilst in Spain.

Not a lot to say, I'm bored & worrying about my mum.