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At the time of writing this, I have now been in hospital for two weeks & my mother has passed away. Not a time I will want to remember or possibly be able to remember due to the number of painkillers I'm on.

Many people have asked me what happened & why I had to spend so much time in hospital at this very sad time of my life. I hope this will help explain a little.

Medical diagnosis.

After having tests I was diagnosed with necrotising fasciitis in my right leg. This is a severe, fast-spreading infection that results in the death of the body's soft tissue. To save my leg & my life this infected flesh would have to be cut away from my body & I had around 14 operations to completely remove the infected flesh from my leg.

Photos of my leg after the operation.  These are real photos of the leg wound, don't look if you're squeamish.

Whilst in hospital I was also diagnosed with Sepsis, a life-threatening condition that arises when the body's response to infection causes injury to its tissues and organs. I was treated for this with lots of drugs & kept in intensive care to prevent my internal organs from failing. I don't remember but I'm told I ballooned up & my body looked like the old Michelin man tyre character from the Michelin adverts.

After the infected area had been cut away I was airlifted by my insurance company, back to the UK to have skin grafts in the Queen Alexander Hospital in Cosham. After the operation was carried out I was helped to walk again & had daily therapy on the leg for a few weeks before I was allowed home.

Whilst at home for many months I had daily visits from district nurses to change the dressing on my leg & with help from friends was able to cope living at home. My mother's death whilst I was in hospital was a lot harder to deal with & I still miss her.