Hotel Torre Garden.

I got up at around 5:45 this morning, 15 minutes before my alarm went off. I packed my last belongings to take with me to Spain, made sure mum was okay & then sat watching television until my friend Les arrived to pick me up to take me to Fareham train Station.

Fareham to Madrid.

The train journey to Gatwick was pretty straightforward, we didn't need to change anywhere & we managed to get a seat. On arrival at the airport, Paul & I lined up to check in our luggage & then decided we didn't need to as we only had carry on luggage. After checking the ever-shrinking luggage check-in size we then queued up again to check our bags in.

A very large breakfast was enjoyed in the 'Giraffe ' restaurant, it cost nearly £10 without a drink but it filled me up. We then went for a quick walk around Paul's favourite shop at the airport 'Whiskey World' before boarding the plane. The flight was uneventful and we were soon touching down in Madrid. Getting through the airport, customs & picking up our luggage was easy & we were quickly on the Metro.

Paul was in charge of navigation & quickly got the hang of the underground system, we were soon on our way to our hotel. We found it easily as it had a large hotel sign on the roof & was visible from the station. We checked in & went to our room. It was clean, had WIFI & plenty of space, just what you want from a hotel for a short break, but it was a lot further out from the centre of Madrid than Paul had thought when he booked it. There were no local bars, cafes or restaurants.

We soon were unpacked & we had a few beers in the hotel bar before heading off to look around Madrid for an Irish bar that Paul wanted to visit. Once again navigating to our destination on the underground was fairly easy but finding the bar Paul wanted to visit wasn't & we eventually settled for a meal & a few beers in a TGIF next to the Bernabeu Stadium.

Getting back after midnight was no problem as the trains were still running and by 1:10 am we were back in the hotel room.

Photos from this trip.