Alan Morris stood by small plane.

Whilst on my National Parks & Monument tour in 2011 I had the opportunity to fly over Monument Valley in Colorado on a small jet.

Monument Valley, Colorado Plateau.

I flew over Monument Valley when I took a sightseeing flight on a De Havilland Canada aeroplane as part of my holiday in 2011. The people that I was going with all boarded the small aircraft for the flight in which everyone had a window seat. The flight wasn't very long but it was amazing to see the valley below us & look at how vast it really is. It gave us all a completely different perspective than that given us when we passed through it in the coach.


Monument Valley is a region of the Colorado Plateau characterised by a cluster of vast sandstone buttes, the largest reaching 1,000 feet above the valley floor. It is located on the Arizona & Utah border, near the Four Corners area. The valley lies within the territory of the Navajo Nation Reservation & is accessible from U.S. Highway 163.

Monument Valley has been featured in many forms of media since the 1930s. Director John Ford used the location for a number of his best-known films.

Visitors may pay an access fee & drive through the park on a 17-mile dirt road, which is around a two to three-hour trip. Parts of Monument Valley, such as Mystery Valley & Hunts Mesa, are accessible only by guided tour.

Photos from my flight over Monument Valley.