Bison statues at Tatanka.

Tatanka, Story of The Bison, is the Kevin Costner centre telling the story of the Tatanka & their near extermination at the hands of man.

Tatanka, Story of the Bison.

The Tatanka, Story of the Bison visitor centre has a few things to look around on a visit & native Indians on hand to tell you their history & give more information about the story of the bison. I really enjoyed my visit here & talking to some of the Indians telling their stories. If you are in the area I thoroughly recommend a visit. We were unlucky that during the small time that we spent at the exhibition there was a short storm & I got soaked through trying to take photos.

It was very interesting listening to one of the young Indians who worked there talking about the problem of alcoholism amongst Indians. Apparently, it is true that the American Indians do not handle alcohol well & that a lot of them do have problems with alcohol. He told us of the problems his mother & other close relatives had. I had always thought it was a myth perpetuated by the old cowboy & Indian films.

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Exhibits include

  • A bronze sculpture featuring 14 bison pursued by 3 Native American Horseback Riders.
  • Northern Plains Peoples Educational Interpretive Centre.
  • Native American Gift Shop.
  • Sweetgrass Grill Snack Bar.
  • Dances with Wolves movie costumes.

Photos from Tatanka.