Alan Morris swimming in the Atlantic.

I spent one night at Jekyll Island on my tour of the Southern States of America in 2012.

Jekyll Island.

It was a beautiful place & if I ever win the lottery I may well buy a home there. The homes are all built on large plots of land & have beautiful lush green surroundings. The beach was beautiful & I enjoyed watching the deer playing in the sand dunes as I went for a sunrise swim in the Atlantic.

Jekyll Island is an island off the coast of the US state of Georgia, in Glynn County. It is one of the Sea Islands & one of the Golden Isles of Georgia. Bike trails & walks along the beaches, sandbars & water parks, are a few of the many things vacationers can do here. The historic district consists of a number of buildings from the late nineteenth & early twentieth centuries. The island is also full of wildlife, consisting of many different mammals, reptiles & birds living & breeding in the island's inland marshes.