Alan Morris, Long Beach, California.

Los Angeles was the first place I visited on my 2012 tour of the Southern States of America with my Uncle Dave.

Los Angeles, California.

I took my Uncle Dave with me to America in 2012, this would be his first visit to the majority of places we would go. We spent a few nights in the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

It was a nice hotel in a good position to get out to see more of the city. On our first morning, we had a coach tour of Los Angeles before being left to do what we wanted on our own.


As part of our guided tour of Los Angeles, we spent some time in Hollywood. I had been there a few times already but as Dave had not, we went to Grauman's Theatre & looked at the stars' hands & footprints. It was a very hot day & we ended up going to the nearest restaurant for a beer. I would like to say, Katie, our server in Hooters was lovely.

Long Beach.

On the second day in Los Angeles, I joined a couple of other people from the tour & took a train down to Long Beach. It was quite strange going through areas I had been to many years ago & seeing the changes. It was also strange doing it on a train as I had only ever driven through Los Angeles before. We had a walk around the new restaurant areas in Long Beach where we had lunch before walking across to the port area.

Photos from my visit to Los Angeles.