Alan Morris in Time Square, New York.

I spent a few days in New York at the end of my Southern States of America tour in 2012.

Exploring New York.

When I booked my Southern States trip I added an extra few days on to the tour to spend a few days looking around New York before flying home. I have not always enjoyed the time I spent in New York but I did enjoy my trip there this time. I saw a lot more of New York & it has made me want to visit again in the future.

Central Park.

I enjoyed walking around parts of Central Park including the Strawberry Fields area that John Lennon used to live opposite in a large apartment. What I really enjoyed was the free kayaking that I did on one of the large ponds in Central Park. As I was walking around I saw people going out on the lake & on investigation, I discovered that for this weekend only, they were lending out canoes & kayaks for free. My Uncle Dave didn't want to go but waited for me whilst I enjoyed a half-hour kayaking around one of the ponds in Central Park.

Ellis Island.

I went to have a look around Ellis Island where the immigrants were processed when they arrived in America. At the time I didn't realise that so many of my ancestors had been through New York on their way to a new life in America. The conditions they travelled in to get there & the way they were treated when they got there was horrible. I intend to go back one day when I have discovered more about my ancestor's migration to America, to see if I can see anything related to any of them.

Statue of Liberty.

Knowing that we would not be able to climb up the Statue of Liberty we just viewed it from the boat as we passed on our way to Ellis Island. Again I would like to visit it again but only when they allow visitors to climb up it again.

Battery Park.

After our trip around Ellis Island & past the Statue of Liberty we stopped off in battery park for a few beers in a quiet garden. It was very nice & gave us some time to just relax before going back to the hotel & then out for a meal.

911 Monument.

I think maybe because of all the hype surrounding the 911 monument I had built it up in my mind to be something spectacular & I was very disappointed with it. I'm not really sure what I was expecting but this wasn't it.

Photos from my visit to New York.