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29 May 2024
2021, week 31

In week 31 of 2021, I went to my friends, Bernard and Sheilas for dinner but finished the work in a lot of pain.

Week 31 of 2021.

Friday, July 30th.

I woke up this morning & update my website before going for a swim. I spend most of the day keeping out of the sun today, either reading or working on my computer.

This evening I am going to my friends, Bernard & Sheila's home for dinner. Sheila picks me up & takes me back to their house where we have a beautiful meal.

We start off with spring rolls & a salad before we tuck into the main course that Bernard has made, chicken in hoisin & plum sauce with rice. It is to his own recipe & is absolutely gorgeous. I am lucky that Bernard is going to give me the recipe, if you know him, I advise you to bribe him, pay him or otherwise convince him to give you the recipe. After an ice cream & fruit sweet, we sit outside talking for hours whilst listening to two music shows, one from the fair nearby, the other from La Zona bar around the corner. The music from both travels through the air remarkably clearly tonight, if we had thought of it we could have sent La Zona a message & asked for a request to be sung for us.

After a lovely evening, Sheila drops me back home at my apartment where I immediately go to bed & for the first time in a long time, I am not woken by loud kids at all during the night.

Saturday, June 31st - Thursday, August 5th.

The rest of this week's blog has been condensed as apart from venturing to the shops for food or to the doctor I have been indoors most of the time. I have had a very bad stomach ache & after seeing the Dr, he told me on Thursday, that I need to see a specialist. He has given me some tablets that have helped a little bit & I will be talking to my health insurance company to see if they can get me an early appointment to see the gastroenterologist.