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28 May 2024


This section of my website is about the places I have travelled to on longer holidays, weekends away, or short-day trips. I have loved travelling since I was a child, when my parents took me and my sister on great holidays.

I want to be able to visit every continent on the planet, and I am slowly working my way through them. The continents and countries I have visited, passed through, or lived in are listed below.


  • England. I was born in England, lived there and visited since leaving.
  • Wales. I have visited many times and have a lot of Welsh relatives.
  • Scotland. I have only visited once as a child on a school holiday.
  • France. I have visited and travelled through many times.
  • Spain. I currently live in Spain and have been there on holiday many times.
  • Belgium. I have visited and passed through a couple of times.
  • Holland. I have visited twice for long weekends in   Amsterdam.
  • Switzerland. I passed through when travelling on a car journey.
  • Denmark. I passed through whilst making a connecting flight.
  • Iceland. I passed through whilst making a connecting flight.
  • Italy. I visited a few times, docking in different ports on cruise ships, and spent a long  weekend in Rome.


North America.

  • Canada. I crossed the border from America into Canada, visiting Niagra Falls.
  • USA. I first visited   America in 1980 but have since visited many times and lived there for around 3½ years.
  • Jamaica. I went to   Jamaica for two weeks in 1991.

South America.

  • Mexico. I crossed the border from America to Mexico in 1980 when on holiday with my parents.
  • Peru. I   visited Peru in 2013 on an escorted coach tour. The highlight of the trip was visiting Machu Picchu.
  • Brazil. I   visited Brazil in 2023 on a cruise.


I have travelled in many ways but have split my stories into different travel groups for my website. They are listed below and can be seen under the Travel Menu above.

Escorted Tours.

These holidays were taken as part of an escorted tour group and were predominantly taken on coaches but may have included flights or trains.

  • National Parks and Monuments.   My tour of National Parks and Monuments in the USA was my first escorted tour.
  • Southern States Tour.   My Southern States Tour in America was taken with my Uncle Dave. We also added a short break in New York to the holiday after the coach tour finished.
  • Peru 2013.   My tour of Peru was taken on a coach.
  • China 2014.   My tour of China was taken on coaches, trains and aeroplanes. I also added a river cruise to the end of it and cruised up the Yangtze River.


My first cruise was across the Atlantic onboard the Queen Mary II with my mum because she could not fly, and this was the only way we could get to America. I then did an add-on to a coach tour in China and cruised up the Yangtze River. Years later, I went on my first entire cruise around the Mediterranean and I was hooked. Within a year, I had booked another 3 cruises.

  • Atlantic Cruise on Queen Mary II. A week's  cruise with my mum on our way to America in 2011.
  • Yangtze River Cruise. My   Yangtze River cruise was an add-on to my tour around China in 2014.
  • Mediterranean Cruise October 2022. This   Mediterranean cruise set off from Valencia and then stopped in Marseille, Savona, Civitavecchia, Naples and Palma de Mallorca before returning to Valencia.
  • Mediterranean Cruise February 2023. This   Mediterranean cruise set off from Alicante and then stopped in Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, Tangier, Casablanca, Ceuta and Malaga before returning to Alicante.
  • Mediterranean Cruise May 2023. This   Mediterranean cruise set off from Valencia and then stopped in Marseille, Savona, Civitavecchia, Oristano and Palma de Mallorca before returning to Valencia.
  • Cruise to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This cruise to Brazil set off from Barcelona. Then it stopped in Cadiz, San Cruz de Tenerife, crossed the Atlantic to Brazil, stopping off at Recife, Salvador Bahia, Ilheus and finally Rio de Janeiro. At Rio, I stayed at Copacabana Beach to look around Rio properly before flying back to Madrid.
  • Hawaii and Alaska Cruise.    This cruise took me around Hawaii and then to, and around Alaska.

Short Trips.

I have been on many short trips and journeys from wherever I have been living at the time. These are many of the short trips I have been on.

  • Rome Weekend. My trip to Rome was for an extended weekend with my friend Paul.
  • Amsterdam Weekend. My trip to Amsterdam was a weekend trip for my friend Martin's 40th birthday.
  • Gibraltar. I went to   Gibraltar from Spain with my mum.
  • Emirates Stadium Tour. I took an   Emirates Stadium Tour with my friend Derek.
  • The Nao Victoria. I took a short trip to the   Nao Victoria in Cartagena with my friend Adrian.
  • Cordoba Flamenco Festival. I visited Cordoba for a few days to see the   Flamenco Festival there.
  • La Union Mine Tour. I took a short trip to   La Union mines with my friend Adrian.
  • Disney World Day. I took a trip to Disney World with my friend Karys in Florida in 2017.
  • Aguilas Carnival. I went to see the   Aguilas Carnival in 2017.
  • River rafting on the Segura River. I have been river rafting on the Segura River a couple of times.
  • Cordoba Patio Festival. I went to Cordoba this time to see the   Patio Festival held there annually.
  • Algar Waterfalls. I took a day trip by coach to see the   Algar Waterfalls with my friend Diane.
  • Florentino Pérez Bodega tour. I took the   Bodega tour by coach in 2022.
  • Texas in Albacete. I went to see the group   Texas in Albacete and stayed for a few days to look around Albacete.
  • Murcia Flower Festival. I took a coach trip to the   Murcia Flower Festival in April 2023.
  • Bob Dylan in Alicante. I saw songwriter and poet Bob Dylan in concert in Alicante in June 2023.
  • Rod Stewart in Murcia. I saw the singer   Rod Stewart at a concert in Murcia in July 2023.
  • Simply Red in Murcia. I went to see the group   Simply Red at a concert in Murcia.

Other Holidays.

I have been on many other holidays that may not fit well into other sections of my website so I will add them here as I remember them or take them.

  • Jamaica. I took this trip to Jamaica in 1991, a short time after recovering from a life-threatening car accident in 1990.
  • USA road trip. This was my first trip to America in 1980 with my parents and sister.
  • Queen Mary II. This cruise and road trip was taken so I could take my mum to my apartment in Cocoa Beach in 2011.
  • Spain 2014. This trip to   Madrid and Barcelona with my friend Paul changed my life forever.

Please let me know if you think of anywhere else I might like to go, preferably somewhere I won't have to pay for a sizeable single supplement.