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3 October 2023


This section of my website is about the places that I have travelled to either on longer holidays, weekends away or just short day trips. I have always loved travelling since I was a young child when my parents used to take me & my sister on great holidays.

I would like to be able to go to every continent on the planet & am slowly working my way through them. The continents & countries I have visited, passed through or lived in are listed below.


  • England. I was born in England, lived there & visited since leaving.
  • Wales. I have visited many times & have a lot of Welsh relatives.
  • Scotland. I have only visited once when I was a child on a school holiday.
  • France. I have visited & travelled through many times.
  • Spain. I currently live in Spain & have been there on holiday many times.
  • Belgium. I have visited & passed through a couple of times.
  • Holland. I have visited twice for long weekends in Amsterdam.
  • Switzerland. I passed through when travelling on a car journey.
  • Denmark. I passed through whilst making a connecting flight.
  • Iceland. I passed through whilst making a connecting flight.
  • Italy. I visited a few times, docking in different ports on cruise ships & I also spent a long weekend in Rome.


North America.

  • Canada. I crossed over the border from America into Canada on a visit to Niagra Falls.
  • USA. I first visited America in 1980 but have since visited many times & lived there for around 3½ years.
  • Jamaica. I went to Jamaica for two weeks in 1991.

South America.

  • Mexico. I crossed the border from America to Mexico in 1980 when on holiday with my parents.
  • Peru. I visited Peru in 2013 on an escorted coach tour. The highlight of the trip was visiting Machu Picchu.
  • Brazil. I will visit Brazil in 2023 on a cruise.


I have travelled in many different ways but have split my stories up into different travel groups for my website. They are listed below & can be seen under the Travel Menu above.

Escorted Tours.

These holidays were all taken as part of an escorted tour group & were predominantly taken on coaches but may have included flights or trains as well.

  • National Parks & Monuments. My tour of National Parks & Monuments in the USA was my first ever escorted tour.
  • Southern States Tour. My Southern States Tour in America was taken with my Uncle Dave. We also added a short break in New York to the holiday after the coach tour finished.
  • Peru 2013. My tour of Peru was taken on a coach.
  • China 2014. My tour of China was taken on coaches, trains & aeroplanes. I also added a river cruise to the end of it & cruised up the Yangtze River.


My first cruise was one across the Atlantic onboard the Queen Mary II, with my mum because she was unable to fly & this was the only way we could get to America. I then did an add-on to a coach tour I did in China & cruised up the Yangtze River. Years later I went on my first full cruise around the Mediterranean & I was hooked, within a year I had booked another 3 cruises.

  • Atlantic Cruise on Queen Mary II. A week's cruise with my mum on our way to America in 2011.
  • Yangtze River Cruise. My Yangtze River cruise was an add-on to my tour around China in 2014.
  • Mediterranean Cruise October 2022. This Mediterranean cruise set off from Valencia & then stopped in Marseille, Savona, Civitavecchia, Naples & Palma de Mallorca before returning to Valencia.
  • Mediterranean Cruise February 2023. This Mediterranean cruise set off from Alicante & then stopped in Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, Tangier, Casablanca, Ceuta & Malaga before returning to Alicante.
  • Mediterranean Cruise May 2023. This Mediterranean cruise set off from Valencia & then stopped in Marseille, Savona, Civitavecchia, Oristano & Palma de Mallorca before returning to Valencia.
  • Cruise to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This cruise to Brazil will set off from Barcelona & then stop in Cadiz, San Cruz de Tenerife, & then cross the Atlantic to Brazil where it will stop off at Recife, Salvador Bahia, Ilheus & finally Rio de Janeiro. At Rio, I will stay at Copacabana Beach for a while so that I can look around Rio properly before flying back to Madrid.

Short Trips.

 I have been on many short trips & journeys from wherever I have been living at the time. These are many of the short trips I have been on.

  • Rome Weekend. My trip to Rome was for an extended weekend with my friend Paul.
  • Amsterdam Weekend. My trip to Amsterdam was a weekend trip for my friend Martin's 40th birthday.
  • Gibraltar. I went to Gibraltar from Spain with my mum.
  • Emirates Stadium Tour. I took an Emirates Stadium Tour with my friend Derek.
  • The Nao Victoria. I took a short trip to see the Nao Victoria in Cartagena with my friend Adrian.
  • Cordoba Flamenco Festival. I went to Cordoba to stay for a few days so I could see the Flamenco Festival there.
  • La Union Mine Tour. I took a short trip to La Union mines with my friend Adrian.
  • Disney World Day. I took a trip to Disney World with my friend Karys when I was in Florida in 2017.
  • El Carmoli walking Tour. I took this local walking tour to look around El Carmoli in 2017.
  • Aguilas Carnival. I went to see the Aguilas Carnival in 2017.
  • River rafting on the Segura River. I have been river rafting on the Segura River a couple of times.
  • Cordoba Patio Festival. I went to Cordoba this time to see the Patio Festival that is held there annually.
  • Algar Waterfalls. I took a day trip by coach to see the Algar Waterfalls with my friend Diane.
  • Florentino Pérez Bodega tour. I took the Bodega tour by coach in 2022.
  • Texas in Albacete. I went to see the group Texas in Albacete & stayed for a couple of days to look around Albacete.
  • Murcia Flower Festival. I took a coach trip to see the Murcia Flower Festival in April 2023.
  • Bob Dylan in Alicante. I went to see singer, songwriter & poet, Bob Dylan in concert in Alicante in June 2023.
  • Rod Stewart in Murcia. I went to see the singer Rod Stewart at a concert in Murcia in July 2023.
  • Simply Red in Murcia. I will be going to see the group Simply Red at a concert in Murcia.

Other Holidays.

I have been on many other holidays that may not fit well into other sections of my website so I will add them here as I remember them or take them.

  • Jamaica. I took this trip to Jamaica in 1991, a short time after recovering from a life-threatening car accident in 1990.
  • USA road trip. This was my first ever trip to America & was taken in 1980 with my parents & sister.
  • Queen Mary II. This cruise & road trip was taken so I could take my mum to my apartment in Cocoa Beach in 2011.
  • Spain 2014. This trip to Madrid & Barcelona with my friend Paul changed my life forever.

If you can think of anywhere else I might like to go, preferably somewhere I won't have to pay a large single supplement, then please let me know in the comments below.