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Thursday, June 01, 2023


I had never been on a cruise until I wanted to take my mum to my apartment at Cocoa Beach in Florida. For medical reasons, she was unable to fly at the time so I booked us a cruise on the Queen Mary 2, from Southampton, England to New York, USA. From there we drove down the East Coast of America, spent time at my apartment & then returned to New York to cruise back to Southampton on the Queen Mary 2.

In 2022 I thought I would give cruising another go & booked a Mediterranean cruise. I loved parts of the cruise, some parts not so much but I did learn what to look for when booking a cruise in the future.

After getting back from my 2022 cruise & looking back on what I had done, I decided it was a good way for me to travel. I was looking at my bucket list & decided to try & visit Casablanca in Morocco, as it happened I saw a cruise around the Mediterranean that also went to Morocco & Casablanca, so I booked to go on it in 2023.